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Soar through the skies or scale massive mountains and much more with the Armor Movement mod. This mod incorporates what I think are the most effective (and fun) ways of travel.

- Look through the images to see crafting recipes.
- The "action" key is like any other keybinding. (By default its "F") You can change this in the options/controls menu.
- Jetpacks and the helicopter-hats now require either coal, charcoal, redstone, or blaze powder in your inventory to function.
- You can now dye your armors like regular cloth armor. Be warned multiple dyes may produce strange results.

Glider - Makes you glide when action key is pressed
Parachute - Makes you fall slowly when action key is pressed
LifeVest - Makes you float in water, without holding space
Flippers - Makes you swim faster in water. Slower on land.
Heelys - Makes you move fast on land when action key is pressed (doesn't affect hunger)
JetPack - When holding jump, you fly up and are able to move through the air very fast
Helicopter Hat - When holding jump, you fly up slower then a jetpack and cant move very fast
Spring Boots - Make you jump 6 blocks high
Grappling Hook - When thrown (like a snowball) you will be teleported up to the block that the hook lands on
Scuba Helmet - Allows you to breathe underwater.
Mountain Boots - Allows you to climb any verticale surface including fences.
Ice Skates - Allows you to move faster when on ice. Slower on land.
Bananas - Similar to apples food-wise

To Be Added Next Update:
- Zip lines?!?!

More Info:
- Please report any bugs or issues, I will gladly help or fix!
- I am very open to suggestions for this mod, comment any ideas!
- Please send this to TOBUSCUS, I made the heelys for him!
- Do not include in any mod packs please.(even if there is no adfly)