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Filename architectury-1.2.63-fabric.jar
Uploaded by shedaniel
Uploaded Dec 28, 2020
Game Version 1.16.4   +3
Size 230.05 KB
Downloads 280
MD5 640e069de46227f2a9ff96349582463c
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


Architectury v1.2.63 for 1.16.4

Updated at 2020-12-28 17:59.
Click here for changelog
- Include discord info in README
- Add RegistrySupplier to ease registry delegation
- Add ForgeEventCancellable
- Fix NPE on Fractions caching
- Update architect-plugin
- Fix license, remove unused mixin
- Architectury Update - Cache fractions from -1024 to 1023 - Add BiomeModifications for platform-agnostic biome additions - Add FluidStackHooksForge to convert architectury FluidStacks to forge FluidStacks - Migrate to Forge Loom & Update Architect Plugin - Mark several methods in Mod as NotNull - Add Env as a replacement for EnvType
- Update forge
- Better PlatformMethods errors
- Remove the use of typetools in EventFactory#of and fix license field
- Upload the remap jar for fabric
- Upload the shadow jar for fabric
- Add tooltip events, new events for server starting
- Fix client events, bump version to 1.1, fix FluidStackHooks for fabric.
- Fix FluidStackHooksImpl
- Remove fabric api dependency on the forge mod
- Fix versioning on the forge mod
- Add RecipeUpdateEvent
- Add isFabric and isForge to Platform
- More Platform specific Mod hooks
- Add xp to break block
- Add block break and block place events
- Automatically attach to forge event if the class is annotated with @ForgeEvent.
- Add EventFactory.attachToForge
- Add @ForgeEvent
- Add missing typetools for forge
- Fix buildscript
- Fix buildscript
- Fix buildscript
- Publish to CF
- Update to 1.16.4
- Lazily initialize event invokers
- Update architect-plugin
- Update architect-plugin
- Reorder ToolType variables
- Convert to @ExpectPlatform
- PlayerHooks#closeContainer
- Add byId in ToolType
- Fix TextureStitchEvent
- Add TextureStitchEvent
- Add PackRepositoryHooks and DyeColorHooks
- A few more events
- Proper mods metadata
- More events
- GetEncodeId
- More hooks
- ItemEntityHooks
- Allow only using `getRegistryName`
- Might have forgotten a true here
- PlayerHooks and NetworkChannel
- Nbt types utils
- Hooks for getting buttons in a screen
- Deprecate getId using registry
- Hooks for setting radius for explosion
- Hooks for getting radius for explosion
- ExplosionHooks
- More events and hooks
- Registries#getId should be static
- We forgot to add player into ChatEvent#SERVER
- More events and hooks
- Set gradle memory to 3GB
- Fix compile
- Publish to bintray
- Deprecate LifecycleEvent client events for now since it is not possible atm
- Test for mod annotation for detecting forge
- More hooks for registering keybinds, render types, creative tabs, block entity renderers
- Command registry events and ReloadListenerRegistry
- Fix event proxies
- Initial work

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