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About Arch Bows

Arch Bows is a vanilla-styled expansion that introduces an array of new bows and crossbows, each possessing unique velocity characteristics, adding depth and strategy to ranged combat within the game.



Short bow

Recurve bow

Flat bow

Long bow


Heavy Crossbow

Pistol Crossbow











Variety of Bows/Crossbows: Discover a stunning array of bows/crossbows, from the swift "Short Bow" to the mighty "Arbalest" Each bow/crossbows offers distinct advantages and challenges, allowing you to tailor your arsenal to your playstyle.


Balanced Gameplay: The mod strives for balance, ensuring that no single bow or crossbow becomes overpowered. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, encouraging players to experiment and adapt their tactics.








Features planned

- New Weapons

- Bolts


Mod compatibility

- JEI 

- Serene Seasons 


- Config file for customization


 Note that not all modded enchants work

 Minecraft bug: If arrow velocity exceeds a certain amount, then the arrow tracer will not reflect the trajectory of the arrow correctly. 




Q: Can I use your mod in my modpack?
A: Absolutely!


Q: Can I make a texturepack/resoursepack for your mod?
A: Yes, I would appreciate it if you credit this page


Q: Will you update the mod with content/update to the newer versions?
A: Yes. 


Q: Backport to older versions?
A: No, it is better that I focus on the newer versions.


Q: I've seen your mod on other sites. Did you post it and are they safe?
A: I have not, nor do I plan to, post my mod on any other sites than Curseforge or Modrinth. If you have downloaded my mod from somewhere else, 1. It isn't from me and 2. It may have some kind of malicious files or have been modified in some way. I urge you to delete the file, run a full virus and malware scan and, if you want to use Arch Bows, come and download it on CurseForge or Modrinth.


Q. Fabric?

A. Nope. Maybe in the future if I have more time











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