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As of V0.0.9, this mod now requires LEMONLIB


Arcane World is a medium sized magic mod adding some arcane arts to your Minecraft game.

This mod is currently in BETA. While it should be fairly stable, I'd suggest waiting for the full release.



Not all feature of the mod are listed here. While the mod is in beta, this will be an incomplete list.


Rituals are cast using a ritual table. Rituals can do various things, from changing the weather to teleporting you to strange dimensions.

Note: It's recommended to install JEI to view the ritual recipes.


Dungeon raids are are unique feature allowing you and your friends to explore a unique dungeon.
Dungeons do not generate within the physical world and you must cast the dungeon raid rituals to reach them.
Once you leave the dungeon, there is no way to return.


Arcane World adds various items


Biome Crystals allow you to relocate biomes.
The Arcane Hoe lets you hoe large amounts of land at once.
The Glowing Chorus Fruit will transfer it's eater to the end.
The Wand of Evocation lets you weild the power of the Evoker.
The Recaller lets you teleport back to a previously saved location within the same dimension.

and more!


Coming soon:

Lots of stuff.

And more! Try the mod and see for yourself




Rituals can have a max of 5 ingredients. Ore dict is supported.

Ritual names must be unique.

Finding Ritual Registry Name:

Using JEI, hover your mouse over the rituals name




Removes all rituals


mods.ArcaneWorld.remove(String registry_name)

Removes specified ritual


- mods.ArcaneWorld.createRitualSummon(String name, String displayName, String entity, IIngredient... inputs)
Creates an entity summoning ritual, entity name is the name of the entity. The same names are used for the /summon command ("creeper", "ghast", "pig")


- mods.ArcaneWorld.createRitualDragonBreath(String name, String displayName, IIngredient... inputs)
Create a dragon breath ritual.


- mods.ArcaneWorld.createRitualWeather(String name, String displayName, String weather, IIngredient... inputs )
Creates a weather modify ritual. Valid weather names are "clear", "rain" & "thunder"


- mods.ArcaneWorld.createRitualTime(String name, String displayName, int timeChange, IIngredient... inputs)
Creates a time modify ritual. Time is is changed by timeChange value. Negitive numbers are supported.


- mods.ArcaneWorld.createRitualCreateItem(String name, String displayName, IItemStack result, IIngredient... inputs)
Create a summon item ritual.



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