Arcane Lamps [Abandoned]

23,460 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2   +2


  • New Luminescent Crystals. [At the moment it does not run properly on servers.]
  • Created using MCreator <-Click here for Download.
  • ResourcesPack I use: HARD by Xesar_Zk [x16]

To use the different blocks of ''Arcane Pillar Base'' from version 1.5.1, you need to install ''NoMoreRecipeConflict''.

Based on Thaumcraft (No dependency).They are lamps of 3 sizes, large (3 blocks high), medium (2 blocks high), & small (1 block high).


There are 5 color variations ''Blank, Purity, Crimson, Corrupt (Special), & Rainbow (Special)'', with their respective recipes.

First you'll have to get ''Arcane Crystal Ore'', it's a bit hard to find, this mineral gives ''Arcane Crystal'' x1.

By surrounding any type of stone with gold nuggets you will get ''Arcane Base'' (Material needed to create the lamps) serves as a elegant decorative block.

If you like Arcane Lamps You can download the mod ''Fancy Lamps [by The_Icy_One]''

The_Icy_One has my permission to continue with the previous mod ''Arcane Lamps''