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Arcana Mod


 Before we dive in, first of all, Arcana is in Beta testing at the moment and this is not the full mod! Arcana shouldn't cause anything world ending, but it won't have all the features that we have planned.


At the moment this build is to only test our taint system.



About Arcana

 Arcana is a magic mod inspired by Thaumcraft. We're looking at all the versions of Thaumcraft and our own idea for inspiration. Please don't look at this as the next Thaumcraft, as it isn't, but you will find similar ideas and concepts here. The mod is being built from the ground up with our own textures.


What's Here At The Moment

Taint the world, every part of it. Every block, mob. flower and bush. You can see your world being tainted in real-time. We want taint the be a real issue in Arcana, so taint can spread underground and on the surface. This build at the moment looks at our taint system, as we refind it and make sure it is lag-free.  

Coming Soon!

Custom spell system:
Arcana will allow for you to make your very own custom spells out of the Aspect in the game, by mixing and matching them you'll be able to come up with 100s of unique and custom spells.

Fieldwork and Quests

We want to make research interesting, so we're building a quest system and fieldwork into it. Quests will allow for you to find out small parts of the lore and story along with helping you with your own research.

Arcana will come with randomly generating dungeons with unique bosses, traps and loot.

Tainted Magic
Maybe you like a bit of taint. Check out the Tainted Codex magic book for a new path in magic, and even open up an all-new dimension 

Create Your Own Life
Give life to items with magic. Enchant your own golems and set them to work doing any manner of tasks for you.

Node Manipulation 
Manipulate nodes to generate aspects and help you with other parts of the game. However, make sure you don't push it too far, or it could have consequences for your world.

And so much more. This is just to stuff that will be added over the next few months, we have so much more planned, so if you feel there is something missing, don't worry, it most likely just isn't listed here. 

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