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This mod removes spiders (and cave spiders) from Minecraft for those who either don't like them or, like me, have arachnophobia.


There are several features added to ensure the Minecraft experience isn't lost.

First, all spiders and cave spiders will never spawn in the world, can't be summoned using /summon, and spawn eggs won't spawn them.

Spider dungeons were also removed and replaced by either zombie or skeleton dungeons.

To still be able to get the resources from spiders (like string for bows), when you break wool it will instead drop 4 string. However if the wool is broken with shears it will still drop wool.

Zombies now also have a chance to drop spider eyes on death.

One problem that may be fixed in a later release is mineshafts will still spawn with cave spider spawners. In the event you choose to turn mineshafts off, either by turning off structures or using a custom world to disable them, melon and pumpkin seeds have a chance to drop when you destroy grass, just like wheat seeds.


Note that all of these options can be turned on or off in the configuration file (by default all are enabled).


Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions or concerns, and also future update ideas.



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