Aqua Creepers!

780,475 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2



So, what does this mod add?
Well in case the title wasn't obvious enough, this mod adds a brand new hostile water mob to the game - the Aqua Creeper! Whilst, for the most part, it behaves as a regular creeper would if it were a fish, this terrifying creature has some fiendish tricks up it's wet, scaly sleeves. Oh, and it looks pretty cool too.



When you're minding your own business swimming around in the ocean, be sure to stay away from these guys; being naturally water-dwelling creatures, they have the advantage of speed. Even if you're on a boat, they will swim beneath it and blow you straight out of the water.

But don't think you're safe on land either! If you stand too close to the water, the Aqua Creeper will just leap out at you and explode in your face after flopping around for a bit.


Wanna stick it in your mod pack? No need to ask, just go ahead!


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