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Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 (AE2) is a comprehensive mod for Minecraft that introduces a unique approach to in-game inventory management. It presents a tech-based, futuristic theme, centered around the concept of using energy and technology to convert matter into energy and vice versa. Please come visit our homepage or chat with us on Discord.

image of subnetworks from the guidebook

Key features of the mod include:

Storage Systems: AE2 revolutionizes storage in Minecraft. The mod adds a network-based digital storage system, where items and blocks are stored as energy in a digital form within a network of connected devices. This allows for compact storage solutions and easy access to your items.

Auto-Crafting: Another significant feature of AE2 is its automatic crafting capabilities. Players can set up patterns and recipes which the system can automatically craft on demand. This greatly streamlines bulk and complex crafting processes, saving time and effort.

Networking and Channels: AE2 adds a whole new level of strategy to your Minecraft builds with its networking and channel system. Devices connected to the same network can communicate and interact with each other, and the channel system limits the number of devices that can be connected to a single cable, adding a layer of planning and organization to your builds.

Spatial Storage: This feature allows players to store entire regions of space within a spatial storage cell. Essentially, you can take a chunk of the world, including all blocks, items, and entities within, and store it digitally to be released later.

Unique Resources: AE2 introduces several new resources and materials for crafting its technological components, such as Certus Quartz, Fluix Crystals, and Inscribers. Many of these new materials come with their own decorative blocks to spice up your builds.

AE2 is known for the complexity and depth it adds to Minecraft's tech gameplay, encouraging players to create, optimize, and manage large-scale, efficient systems. It is a fantastic mod for those who love to automate processes and manage resources efficiently.