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Filename appleskin-mc1.15-fabric-1.0.11.jar
Uploaded by squeek502
Uploaded Jun 23, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
Size 28.98 KB
Downloads 23,925
MD5 f621c24360a5cda0026c237ab542ae43
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  • Food overlay now works for food in off hand (#65)
  • Clamp exhaustion to stop it from drawing outside the hunger bar in some situations (#66)
  • Improve support for 'rotten' foods (foods that give you negative status effects) (#69) [Forge for 1.15.2 and Fabric versions only]
    •   - Food that gives you negative status effects will now have their hunger drawn using the 'rotten' food icon in their tooltips and their HUD overlay
    •   - Non-rotten food always draw its potential added hunger as non-rotten, and vice versa for rotten. Previously, if you were under the hunger status effect, all food would draw it's potential added hunger as rotten, but with this change it makes rotten/non-rotten distinguishable even when under the hunger status effect.
    •   - Removes the green background that would show when flashing the potential hunger from held held food, and instead uses a faint white for non-rotten and a very faint green for rotten foods. This makes rotten/non-rotten food more distinguishable when holding it.

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