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Apothitweaks is a mod which overhauls several vanilla mechanics while also introducing smaller tweaks to a wide variety of features within the game.

The config is a json inside of your config folder with the name "apothitweaks_config". It is generated when you launch the game while Apothitweaks is installed.


  • Supplementaries: Must disable "inaccurate_skeletons" in Apothitweaks config.
  • Small Ships: Must disable "faster_boats" in Apothitweaks config.
  • Alembic: Must disable "hunger_and_healing_overhaul" in Apothitweaks config.


Enchanting Table:

  • GUI is completely removed.
  • Enchanting power can now be provided with bookshelves, chiseled bookshelves, candles, or amethyst.
  • You must now bind enchantments to the table by holding an enchanted book and interacting with the table while holding at least 32 lapis in your offhand, 16-32 of which will be consumed alongside the enchanted book and an amount of exp levels equivalent to the level of the enchantment.
  • Interacting with an already-bound enchantment table with a book of the same type will increase the level of the bound enchantment by one at the cost of the enchanted book, 8-16 lapis, and an amount of exp levels equivalent to the level of the new bound enchantment.
  • Holding an enchantable item while interacting with a bound enchantment table will enchant the item at the cost of 8-16 lapis multiplied by the total number of unique enchantments on the item, capped at 64, in addition to two exp levels multiplied by total number of unique enchantments on the item.

Enchanted Books:

  • Every loot table now has specific enchanted book(s) that can be found within them, as the only way to obtain most types of enchanted books in survival, with a few exceptions.
  • Each enchantment and the ways to obtain them are listed below:
    • Quick Charge: Bastions, Mansions, & Outposts.
    • Piercing: Bastions, Mansions, & Outposts.
    • Infinity: Bastions, Mansions, & Outposts.
    • Multishot: Bastions, Mansions, & Outposts.
    • Looting: Bastions, Mansions, & Outposts.
    • Thorns: Villages & Librarians.
    • Knockback: Villages & Librarians.
    • Punch: Villages & Librarians.
    • Smite: Nether Fortresses.
    • Fire Aspect: Bastions & Nether Fortresses.
    • Flame: Bastions & Nether Fortresses.
    • Aqua Affinity: Ocean Ruins.
    • Respiration: Ocean Ruins.
    • Depth Strider: Shipwrecks & Buried Treasure.
    • Frost Walker: Igloos.
    • Riptide: Ocean Ruins.
    • Channeling: Ocean Ruins.
    • Loyalty: Ocean Ruins.
    • Bane of Arthropods: Mineshafts & Strongholds.
    • Blast Protection: Mineshafts & Desert Pyramids.
    • Fire Protection: Bastions, Nether Fortresses, & Ruined Portals.
    • Projectile Protection: Bastions, Mansions, Outposts, Jungle Temples, & End Cities.
    • Feather Falling: End Cities.
    • Luck of the Sea: Shipwrecks & Buried Treasure.
    • Lure: Shipwrecks & Buried Treasure.
    • Silk Touch: Mineshafts, Ancient Cities, Strongholds, & Dungeons.
    • Soul Speed: Bastions & Nether Fortresses.
    • Sweeping Edge: Mansions, Jungle Temples, Strongholds, & Dungeons.
    • Swift Sneak: Ancient Cities, & Strongholds.
    • Unbreaking: Only found already applied to items at sources such as chest loot, mob drops, or villager trading. Unbreaking enchantment books are unobtainable.
    • Anything Else: Unobtainable by default, can be added to loot tables via datapack if desired.


  • GUI is completely removed.
  • Enchanting items can no longer be done at anvils.
  • Combining items can no longer be done at anvils.
  • Repairing items can be done at anvils by holding one of the items main material (or in the case of netherite, a diamond instead) in your offhand while holding the item in your mainhand and interacting with the anvil, with no cost to exp.
  • Renaming items can be done at anvils by holding the nametag in your offhand and the item in your main hand while interacting with the anvil, with no cost to exp.


  • Naming nametags can be done without an anvil simply by interacting while holding the nametag, which now opens a gui to type the name into.


  • Elytras are no longer boosted by firework rockets.
  • Pigs now recieve a much higher speed boost from carrot on a sticks.
  • Food on a stick items now auto-replenish if the food is in your inventory.
  • Minecarts are now double the speed.
  • Boats are now 50% faster in water and 75% slower otherwise.
  • Sprinting is now considerably faster, but only works when on blocks mineable with pickaxes or axes, with the following exceptions: gravel, dirt paths, wool, and carpets.
  • Mounts are now able to be captured while in control of them by pressing a keybind, default is 'R'. This same keybind can be used to re-deploy your mount, which you will automatically be riding. Mounts retain all nbt data when captured, including whatever inventories they might have.


  • Skeleton aim has been nerfed.
  • Hostile creatures now have louder footstep sounds.
  • Creepers don't explode blocks, but instead burst into fire.
  • Spiders split into 1-3 cave spiders when killed.
  • Vexes now have 75% less health and attack damage.


  • The hunger bar has been removed.
  • Eating food now restores an amount of health equivalent to half of what they would restore in your hunger bar.
  • Saturation effect now doubles the amount of health restored by eating.
  • Hunger effect now caps the amount of health restored by eating any individual food to half a heart.
  • Potions can now stack up to 3.
  • Food items no longer stack.
  • Experience levels are now a flat amount, meaning it now takes just as many exp points to level up from 29 -> 30 as it does to level up from 4 -> 5.
  • Tools that are not made of wood, stone, or iron now mine as if they always have efficiency V, even when not enchanted. (This is since efficiency is now unobtainable. )
  • Poison effects now last 66% less time.


  • Librarians' enchanting books can now only be enchanted with thorns, knockback, or punch.
  • Cartographers can now trade recovery compasses as one of the first trades.
  • Armorers' armor can now only be pre-enchanted with unbreaking.
  • Toolsmiths' tools can now only be pre-enchanted with unbreaking.
  • Weaponsmiths' weapons can now only be pre-enchanted with unbreaking.


  • Gilded blackstone can now be crafted with two blackstone and two gold nuggets.
  • Leads can now be crafted with an iron ingot supplementing the slimeball.
  • Saddles can now be crafted with five leather and one lead.
  • Pitcher plants now fill glass bottles with water when interacted with.
  • Torch flowers, campfires, fire, and lava now convert sticks into torches when interacted with.
  • Soul campfires and soul fire now convert sticks into soul torches when interacted with.
  • Bonemealing flowers now gives you a few copies of that flower.
  • Crafting chains now gives 16x as many.
  • Chainmail armor is now craftable by combining chains in the shape of the armor piece with the correlating leather armor piece.
  • Armor, except for leather and chainmail, now requires the chainmail equivalent of the armor piece when crafting.


  • Netherite Templates can now also be found in Nether Fortresses.
  • Endermen now always drop at least one enderpearl.
  • Piglins now drop porkchops.
  • Fishing loot tables have been recreated and now exclusively give ocean-themed loot.


  • Lava is now 15x less foggy.
  • Nether fog is now 3x further away.
  • Overworld fog now dynamically changes in color and thickness depending on factors such as time of day, depth, biome temperature, etc.
  • Water fog is much dimmer.
  • Vignette has been disabled.
  • The fire overlay is now reduced in size.
  • Shields now appear lower when held in first person to obstruct less of your view.


  • Noodle caves have been replaced with custom noodle caves.
  • Underground rivers that carve through the terrain. (Disabled by default)
  • Trails generate across the surface of your world. (Disabled by default)
  • Terrain in the overworld and end is slightly smoother.
  • The random holes that generate in the overworld are removed.
  • A full day is now one hour long instead of 20 minutes.
  • Removed villages.


  • Farmland can no longer be trampled.
  • Players now rotate with the minecart they are riding in.
  • Block placement no longer has a delay.
  • Players can now place and break blocks from 2x as far.

Discord: https://discord.gg/HHqKa8vTAN

This mod may be used in any modpack.

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