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Apotheosis is a content mod that allows you to become stronger than ever before, while trying to stay true to vanilla mechanics at heart. Every feature is carefully put together to feel cohesive and complete.

Features range from simple changes, like taller sugarcane, to massive overhauls of core systems such as Enchanting.


Apotheosis is divided into modules, each of which has a specific focus.  Modules are independent, each can be disabled at will, though they often have interactions with the other modules.  All modules are enabled by default.

The Chronicle of Shadows

The content of this page is not all-inclusive.  For detailed information, refer to the in-game guidebook, the Chronicle of Shadows.  You can create one with a book and a gold ingot. Some modpacks may change or alter content, and content that is disabled will not be visible in the book.  Alongside JEI, every bit of information is available in-game.

That said, the below sections contain an overview of what you can expect from each module.

Enchantment Module

The Enchantment Module brings with it a full overhaul of the Enchanting Table and the enchanting process. A wealth of new enchantments have been added, and some items that were previously unenchantable can now be enchanted (like shears).

Bookshelves and other blocks now provide one or many Enchanting Stats, which contribute to how effective your enchantments will be. You'll also notice that the max level of many enchantments has been increased, and the Enchanting Table has a brand new GUI.

When you enchant, there are now a number of factors to consider, instead of just the level. 
Eterna represents how strong your enchantment is, increasing the level cost. 
Quanta is a measure of randomness, changing just how much RNG is involved. 
Arcana increases the number of enchantments and makes rare enchantments more common.
Stats form the basis of a much more involved enchanting system, instead of the set-and-forget enchanting tables of Vanilla.

If you're wondering how you get these stats, look no further! Apotheosis adds a wealth of new bookshelves that provide these bonuses. Some other vanilla blocks, such as skulls and candles, can also be used to buff your enchantment table.



Adventure Module

The adventure module is the source of all things worth adventuring for. You'll find deadly monsters, naturally generated traps, and more! 
Then there's the rewards - Affix Items, empowered versions of normal items that come with unique and powerful bonuses.

Affix Items take many forms, from basic Common items to extremely powerful Mythic items like the one shown above. You can find these items in chests, on mobs, by trading with the Wandering Trader, or by defeating Apotheotic Bosses - entities that have learned to wield affixes themselves.  There's also Gems, which can be used to further augment your Affix Items.


Apotheotic Bosses can be found in Boss Dungeons, and they can occasionally Invade, spawning naturally on the surface of the world. Each boss drops a personalized Affix Item that will be pre-enchanted with high-level enchantments. These bosses get stronger as you progress, with the most powerful ones being located in The End.


Spawner Module

The Spawner Module makes some quality of life changes to Mob Spawners. They can now be picked up with Silk Touch, and can be Modified using various items.

In Vanilla, mob spawners are obstacles. Apotheosis makes them so much more. With the right items, you can change just about everything! From simple changes like editing the spawn range, to insane boosts like ignoring all spawn conditions (including nearby players), Apotheotic Spawners will make you want to record the location of every spawner you come across. Even if you don't like a change you made - you can undo it using a reverse modifier.

Spawner Modifiers are applied by holding the specified item (or items) and right-clicking on the spawner. A description of each modification can be viewed by hovering over it in JEI.


The spawner module also adds the Capturing enchantment. This enchantment applies to swords, and gives mobs a chance to drop their spawn egg on death.  Spawn eggs can be used to change the type of mob a spawner will spawn.


Potion Module

The potion module includes new potions, adds new recipes for previously unobtainable potions, and adds some other new content to support the usage of potions.  Immediately, you'll see new potions and recipes for some vanilla effects that could not be obtained before. You'll also see a brand new item - the Potion Charm, a combined and controllable potion.

These charms are the combination of three copies of the same potion and some blaze powder.  Charms provide their specified effect when active and in the inventory (or in a curios slot if installed). Each charm has more effective potion duration than the three potions combined.  Most importantly, you can disable the charm whenever you want.  The duration is only applied in very short intervals.  If the Enchantment Module is enabled, you can make charms Unbreakable.


This module also adds some brand new effects, such as Sundering, the inverse of resistance, and Ancient Knowledge, which increases experience gained from mob kills.


Village Module

The Village Module is focused around introducing new content for villages, villagers, and their related blocks.  Currently, this is one of the smaller modules, but it still adds some useful content.  As of now, it introduces Fletching (via the vanilla Fletching Table) and adds new and useful trades to the Wandering Trader.

Fletching is a three-input crafting system used to make arrows.  Making arrows via fletching will yield higher quantities than using the crafting table, and there are also a few brand new arrows that can only be made in a Fletching Table.  Among those are the Broadhead Arrow, Explosive Arrow, the Iron Mining Arrow, and more!  Each brings a new option to how you use your bow.

Gone are the days of wondering whenever the Wandering Trader will simply decide to shut down the family business and stop abusing teleportation magic in order to sell you unsolicited goods.  Instead of selling only mundane items, the trader will now occasionally have rare goods or worthwhile materials.  You'll see trades for items like Iron, Gold, Diamonds, and potentially an item from his personal supply of heavily enchanted diamond gear.


Garden Module

The Garden Module makes vertically-growing plants grow even taller. That means that Sugarcane, Cacti, and Bamboo can all grow to increased heights.  So if you're wondering why your sugarcane is suddenly growing to the sky, you can blame me.  These limits are configurable, so you can tone down just how high they go.  This module also adds the Ender Lead, an item used to transport farm animals.


Pack Developers

Apotheosis uses a wide variety of JSON files for customization of features.  A detailed schema for all types is available here and the existing data resources are available here. Just make sure you're looking at the branch for the MC version you are working on. 


Apotheosis requires Placebo, Patchouli, and in 1.20+, Apothic Attributes. It is recommended that you also install Enchantment Descriptions, Just Enough Items, and either Jade or The One Probe.
Note: Patchouli will not cause a crash if not installed, but the Chronicle of Shadows will be unavailable until you install it.



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