Apocalypse Rebooted

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A reboot of FatherToast's old Apocalypse mod. 


Still in beta; new mod versions may have breaking changes that won't go well with worlds created with older mod versions, so make sure you back up your worlds before updating!

Apocalypse's core concept is to make the game harder over time by using a custom difficulty system. The higher your difficulty gets, the better stats and equipment monsters will spawn with. In addition, every full moon night (every 8 days) a full moon siege starts, and unique monsters that specialize in breaching your defenses are summoned to hunt you down and kill you. Oh, and rain is painful, so make sure to wear something on your head on rainy days! Good luck! 

(Most features in the mod are configurable and can be disabled/tweaked to your liking)


* Mobs spawn with better stats and equipment the higher the nearby player's difficulty is 

* Ancient mobs will spawn rarely (named and incredibly tough mobs that drop powerfully enchanted items) (Not implemented yet)

* You can not sleep during the full moon and monsters are even stronger during this time (every 8 days)

* Full moons spawn unique monsters with the goal of breaking through your defenses to kill you

* Sleeping causes difficulty to jump twice as far as staying up through the night 

* Rain hurts you (craft a bucket into a helmet or get aqua affinity for immunity, and any helmet is better than none) 

* Thunderstorms makes weird stuff happen (Not implemented yet)

And more to come!


WARNING: Explosions!

Some of the mobs in this mod explodes things and have unlimited aggro range. I understand that not everyone likes having their base blown to bits, in which case I highly recommend you disable mob griefing!




Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, go right ahead!


Q: How do I set default max difficulty and grace period on a server?

A: This is done in the mod's server config. You can find the config by either using the /forge config command in-game

     or by looking in the serverconfigs folder located inside your server's world folder. Since dedicated servers don't

     let you change max difficulty or grace period until the server has booted and generated the config, it is a good idea

     to change these values manually before you join the server.

Q: My difficulty is not increasing, whats going on?

A: If you are still on your grace period your difficulty will not go above 0. By default the grace period is set to 1.0, which is equivalent to

    to a whole Minecraft day.


Q: A lot of the full moon siege mobs can see me through walls and have infinite tracking range! What the heck? 

A: Yup! That is 100% intentional 8)


Q: Can I disable the difficulty system?

A: Not quite, but you can set your max difficulty to zero. As long as the difficulty stays at 0, most if not all

    features in the mod remain inactive. if you are on a server and want all player's difficulties to remain at 0,

    you can simply set the default difficulty to 0 and manually reset everyone's difficulty with the command 

    /apocalypse difficulty max @a 0. Note that this command will only work on online players.




NOTE: If you have a mod installed that alters Minecraft's day length or day-night cycle, some things may not work as intended. 

BUGS: If you find any bugs or other issues you believe are worth mentioning, you can file an issue about them here: https://github.com/Sarinsa/Apocalypse-Rebooted/issues

Oh, and here is the mod's Discord server if you are interested: https://discord.gg/8FhRDZGAvX


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