Anvil Fix

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Anvil Fix

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Anvil Fix removes the level limit of combining Items in an Anvil (vanilla default is 40), so you can repair Items an infinite amount of times or combine enchantments that would otherwise be too expensive to combine in Survival mode.


There's also a config option to remove the cumulative XP cost for repairing.


Note: This mod is technically not needed on the client, but if not present the anvil GUI will show the "too expensive" warning instead of the level cost, even tho combining items will work.


Config Properties:

  • anvil_level_limit: the maximum level limit for anvils. set to -1 to completely remove the limit
  • ignore_incremental_repair_cost: whether or not to ignore hte incremental repair cost for items
  • stop_anvil_breaking: whether or not anvils can be damaged from using them or when falling

Note: If Fabric API is present, you can reload the config ingame using /reload!


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