This mod adds fully customizable mob griefing rules.



Config Options


Name Default Value Description
disable_crop_trampling false Disable crop trampling
disable_wither_rose_placing false Disable placing a Wither Rose when a mob dies from a wither
creeper.disable_damage false Disable Creeper damage
creeper.disable_explosion_block_damage true Disable Creeper block griefing
creeper.lingering_effects.enabled false If creepers should spawn a lingering effect cloud upon exploding
creeper.lingering_effects.effects ["{Duration:200,Id:9b,Amplifier:1b}"] The potion effects that the creeper spawns upon exploding
creeper.firework.enabled false If a creeper should spawn firework when exploding
creeper.firework.colors ["white", "orange", "magenta", "light_blue", "yellow", "lime", "pink", "gray", "light_gray", "cyan", "purple", "blue", "brown", "green", "red", "black"] The colors that the firework contains
creeper.knockback.enabled false If players should be knocked back when a Creeper explodes
creeper.knockback.factor 2.5 The amount of speed applied to the player when knocked back
enderman.disable_block_pickup true Disable Endermen picking up blocks
ravager.disable_block_breaking true Disable Ravager breaking blocks
silverfish.disable_block_merging false Disable Silverfishes getting into blocks and destroying blocks
fox.disable_berry_harvesting false Disable Foxes harvesting berries
rabbit.disable_carrot_harvesting false Disable Rabbits breaking carrot crops
zombie.disable_door_breaking false Disable Zombies breaking doors
wither.disable_block_damage true Disable Withers breaking blocks
snow_golem.disable_snow_placing false Disable Snow Golems placing snow layers
blaze.disable_fire false Disable Blazes creating fire with fireballs
ghast.disable_fireball_block_damage false Disable Ghast fireball block damage
villager.disable_crop_farming false Disable Villager crop farming
sheep.disable_grass_eating false Disable Sheep grass eating
evoker.disable_sheep_converting false Disable Evoker Sheep color converting