Inspired by the old Cannibalism mod.

This mod adds a new way of obtaining food: people!

This mod adds a new type of weapon: the knife. It deals less damage than swords and reduces your attack reach, but they attack faster. Another function of the knife is that attacking valid entities with it will make them drop flesh, and it will automatically cook it if the entity is on fire (drops are configurable). If you're desperate, you may even be able to eat your own flesh (sneak right click with a knife).

Eating flesh gives both benefits and debuffs, such as attribute increases, at the cost of not being able to wear certain armor pieces. If too much flesh is consumed, however, the legendary Piglutton may appear. It has an insatiable lust for flesh, so much so that it prioritizes dropped flesh over attacking... Perhaps you could stay your hunger by tethering its heart?

Knife Recipe (Can be Planks, Cobblestone, Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot, or Diamond)


Tethered Heart Recipe


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