Another Enchant Mod [FABRIC]

206 Downloads Last Updated: May 6, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This mod is another enchantment mod for the Fabric Loader. Right now it has 4 enchantments and one curse, requires Fabric API to function. The enchantments can be configured or disabled via the in-game config menu.


Enchantment List:

Note: I will not provide exact details and stats of enchantments, these are for yourself to discover.
Life Steal: Has a chance to apply extra damage to your enemy and restores your health(Amount is not configurable...yet).
Butchering: Is like sharpness for animals. With the highest level(Configurable) you could kill sheep with wooden swords in one hit.
Detonation: Makes your arrows explode! Pretty op, will recommend you disable this in the config. Will be nerfed in the next update when I discover how to get random chance to work on mixins.
Uppercut: Yeets mobs into the air! Can be disabled while sneaking.
Curse of Prickliness: Hitting mobs hurt you as well sometimes...


This mod is my first project made without mcreator and I'm still learning java. Constructive criticism is appreciated. 



Can I use this mod for my modpack/lets play/showcase video?


Can I redistribute this mod on another website?
Yes. Giving credit would be nice.

Can I claim this mod as my own?


Can you port this to forge?
I have already started the port. Expect the forge version to release as soon as the next update.


Can you backport this mod to an older Minecraft version?



My discord is dead, maybe you could revive it...

Draylar, Chloe, and others from the fabric discord for helping me with my questions regarding modding

The people at Mod Dev Cafe for dedicating their valuable time at helping others in their modding discord.
Everyone who helped/supported me with learning java.


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