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This mod simply adds dusts. And what's good on dusts? From one ore you get two dusts and each dust can be smelted into an ingot, thus giving you ability to double your precious resources. Yeah! Dusts can be created in a single machine this mod provides and that's Crusher. And what's more? Crusher can also process non-metallic ores giving you better results than direct mining (best roll with Fortune I guaranteed). All hail Silk Touch!


Main design rules:

- look and feel of vanilla Minecraft

- crushing gives you results equal to the best roll with Fortune I

- smelting dusts gives you the same amount of experience as smelting ores directly

- that's it


Support for following mods:

- Just Enough Items (JEI) - crusher recipes, dust furnace recipes

- Tinkers Construct (1.8.9 only) - cobalt and ardite dusts, melting recipes for dusts

- ProjectE (1.8.9 only) - dusts have EMC!!!


Leave comment if you have any idea how to make this mod even more awesome!




BTW: Feel free to use it in your modpack.