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Alpha quality-- Here there be Dragons!  The end goal is a complete rendering overhaul of 1.7.10 using more modern and optimized GL usage, improved FPS and modern shader support.


  • Some mods require updates, as found at, in order to properly take advantaged of the multi threaded rendering and/or avoid crashes.


  • (Unofficial) Backported Sodium/Embeddium [Multi threaded meshed chunk assembly]
  • Various graphical enhancements from ArchaicFix
  • Culling and rendering improvements from NotFine
  • A fully functioning GLStateManager
  • HUD Caching [Limits HUD rendering to 20fps]
  • Batched Font Renderer

Coming Soon :tm:

  • Shaders - (Unofficial) Backported Iris/Oculus
  • MCPatcher[Forge] - Connected textures and resource pack improvements, etc

Required Dependencies

  • UniMixins >= 0.1.14
  • GTNHLib >= 0.2.9
  • NOTE: Some mods are not required, but a specific version is required if present - see: Permanent Incompatibilities below.

Known (temporary) Incompatibilities

  • Forge Relocation - Currently non Thread Safe; safe if not in use
  • ProjectRed Frames - Currently non Thread Safe; safe if not in use

Known - Incompatibilities

  • EndlessIDs - Not currently planned (Looking for volunteers)
  • FalseTweaks - Not currently planned (Looking for volunteers)
  • SmoothFont - Not currently planned (Looking for volunteers)
  • RPLE - Not currently planned (Looking for volunteers)

Permanent Incompatibilities

  • Optifine [Disabled, won't fix]
  • Fastcraft [Disable, won't fix]
  • BetterFPS [Won't fix]
  • LWJGL3ify 1.5.4 and below - Use the latest version available, 1.5.7+
  • ArchaicFix 0.6.2 and below - Use 0.7.0 or above
  • Hodgepodge 2.4.3 and below - Use 2.4.4 or above
  • CodeChickenCore/Lib <1.2.0 - Threading issues, use 1.2.0+
  • Neodymium - Untested, but unlikely to be compatible. (Chunk Meshing is definitely incompatible, other features might work depending on config)