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- Aeroblender v1.0.1
- Terrablender
- The Aether 1.20.1-Beta 1 or above

General Information
The main goal of Ancient Aether to make the Aether feel more adventurous with a 1.18 Styled World Generation, New Biomes, Structures, Mobs, Blocks, Dungeons and a lot more.

New World Generation
The World Generation has been completely overhauled with new Majestic Islands, Quicksoil Coasts, a Cloudbed and so much more. You can see more pictures in the image tab.

Tree and Flower Variation has been greatly expanded and the Ore Spawnrate has also seen some changes:

- Ambrosium Ore and Icestone now generate below y256
- Zanite Ore now generates below y160
- Gravitite Ore now generates below y72

There are 3 new main biomes that wait to be explored:

The Elevated Islands

A region known for its unique geography and resources. The Coasts are made-up by a block called Gravity Gravel that increases your Jump Height when stepped. The grass is rather pale and trees come in a mixture of blues and gold. In ancient times this place has been used for rituals because of its location. 

The Wyndcaps

The Wyndcaps is the coldest region of the Aether. Only a select few creatures like the Highland Buffalo were able to survive its unforgiving temperatures. New Vegetation was able to form through that, covering the area with frozen taigas. A long time ago Valkyries experimented in now abandoned labs here.

The Sakura Jungle

A region full of lushious flora and exciting terrain. It is home to the vibrant Sakura Trees and new wildlife. These jungles exist due to the higher concentration of Ambrosium these islands have. But don't let this trick you since Ancient Forces are always watching.

Ukranian Translation - unroman

Japanese Translation - taizazanek

Chinese Translation - YuJianghan


Cloudbed - Zepalesque

Feature Generation and other Stuff - TunefulTurnip

Ancient Aether is still in Beta so you might find Bugs, Unfinished Content and Balancing Issues but I still hope you enjoy the Mod :)