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Aurum's More Potions (or AMP) extends the set of Vanilla potions and adds a bunch of new potions as well. These potions and ideas were originally part of my other mod Aurum's More Blocks. For the future I've planned to add new potion effects as well.


What's new?

- Potions of Haste, Dullness, Nausea, Blindness, Decay and Levitation

- New potion ingredients: Golden Beetroot, Redstone and Glowstone Paste

- Extended set of Vanilla potions


Getting started

To improve Vanilla potions you need to craft two completely new ingredients: Redstone Paste is used to extend long potions and whereas Glowstone Paste improves the power of strong potions. You have to craft the raw ingredients first and cook them in an oven:




I'll post an overview of all available potions with proper durations, levels and ingredients as soon as possible!