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đź“– About:

Introduces some new enchantments, each with the goal of breaking up the enchantment meta a bit. Also included is the ability to enchant horse armor, as well as several tweaks to existing enchantments. There are plans to make tweaks to the experience and leveling system in the future as well.

đź“– Enchantments:

  • Alleviating - an armor enchantment that heals the player upon collection of experience
  • Launch - a weapon enchantment that launches the target upwards instead of away
  • Obedience - a horse armor enchantment that causes the horse to stay put whilst not being ridden
  • Reeling - a crossbow enchantment that pulls mobs close upon arrow impact
  • Reforming - a gear enchantment that repairs durability very slowly over time
  • Shockwave - a boot enchantment that creates a shockwave that damages nearby mobs based on how high you fall
  • Spread of Ailments - a crossbow enchantment that applies the user's active effects to their arrows
  • Vengeance - an armor enchantment that counts part of your incoming damage and applies it to your next attack
  • Curse of Fleeting - a gear curse that makes the dropped item run away from you 
  • Curse of Ascension - a gear curse that makes the dropped item float away from you