This mod adds the basics of Allomancy from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series to Minecraft

Allomancy Preview

All base metal abilities from Allomancy are featured. This mod features the necessary world gen for said metals, but that can be disabled in the configuration (along with a lot of other config options!)

This mod is based around one key binding and the use of both mouse buttons.

The basic mechanics of the mod are essentially the same as in the book series.

Confused? Check out the brief guide here

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This mod was originally created by ZenDarva for Minecraft 1.5. Since then, it has been almost completely rewritten by myself. Regardless, permission was recieved from ZenDarva here. Textures overhauled by SuPaChikEn, with later assistance by V_4_Vicegod, Emsinatree, Khronos, and Halyo