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All Bark, All Bite: Your New Best Friend Awaits Your New Best Friend Awaits


  • A new Dog mob that naturally spawns in Villages and has a robust AI showcasing how much they are man's best friend. It comes in 9 color variations!
  • An overhaul to the vanilla Wolf's AI that gives it more "wild" behaviors, including pack formation, and makes it more difficult to tame in exchange for being a powerful pet.
  • A new Houndmaster Illager mob that summons Scavengers to aid it in combat. They also have joined in on raids!
  • A new Scavenger mob that is a big, bad wolf, bred by the Houndmasters to quickly and ferociously dispatch their enemies.
  • A new Whistle item, dropped by the Houndmaster and found in Houndmaster Kennels, that allows you to have control over the behavior of your pets from a distance.
  • The Houndmaster Kennel, a new structure piece added to Pillager Outposts that spawns a Houndmaster and 3 Scavengers. Contains a chest full of Houndmaster loot and a barrel full of of meat and bones.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie


  • Domestication Innovation - The "Follow/Heel", "Sit", and "Free" whistle commands correspond to DI's "Follow", "Stay" and "Wander" commands. The Command Drum will also work on Dogs.
  • Revamped Wolf - This mod adds a custom Wolf renderer, but still renders RW's Wolf Armor on Wolves. Wolf Armor can be given to Dogs, but does not render on them at the moment. The new AI given to Wolves by this mod also has equivalents for the AI changes that would have been added by RW.
  • Mutant More - The Rodling will obey the "Sit" whistle command, as expected.
  • Farmer's Delight - Dog Food will work on Dogs.

Hungry As A Wolf

Gameplay Notes:

  • Wild Wolves cannot be tamed, and will run away from players who approach them without sneaking.
  • If you sneak close enough, you can breed two wild Wolves to obtain a "trusting" baby Wolf who will not run away from you or other players.
  • Give 20 bones to your "trusting" Wolf to tame it.
  • Dogs have 10 hearts of health and deal 2 hearts of damage.
  • Wolves now have 12.5 hearts of health and deal 2.5 hearts of damage (up from 10 hearts of health and 2 hearts of damage).
  • Scavengers have 15 hearts of health and deal 3 hearts of damage.
  • Houndmasters have 12 hearts of health and are armed with a Bow.
  • Houndmaster Kennels are generated as a part of Pillager Outposts.
  • Dogs will generate as a part of Villages and spawn inside of them every 60 seconds, following Cat spawn rules.
  • Give a Dog a Bone and it will dig up a random animal-related item from the ground nearby.
  • You can play fetch with your Dog by throwing a Bone or a Stick.

Packmaker Notes:

  • You can find the loot tables and tags used by this mod here: Github Link
  • You can find the assets used by this mod here: Github Link

Technical Notes:

  • If a pet is not responding to any of your whistle commands, right-click the pet and try again.
  • Not all whistle commands will work with every kind of pet. For example, "Attack" only works on pets that have an attack AI, and "Sit" only works on pets that are capable of sitting, like Wolves and Cats.
  • Dogs, Wolves, and Scavengers utilize the newer Brain AI system Mojang developed. They may not work with mods that add AI tasks to them that utilize the older Goal Selector AI system.


Infamous Misadventures