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Warning! In-dev content! Stuff can and will be added and removed w/o any additional notifications. Also, things may be buggy and sometimes incompatible. Install on public servers and/or include in modpacks at your own risk.


Alfheim is an add-on to Botania, allowing you to build a portal to Alfheim - one of the nine worlds of Scandinavian mythology, populated by light alvs, otherwise known as elves. There you can find all the materials that otherwise can only be obtained through a special trading gate. Explore the world, learn the story of Alfheim and discover the secret elven technology of mana-infusion. Everything you need to know about this add-on you can find in your Lexicon - in-game manual from Botania. 


Also you can become an elf! Just use Elven Story Mode mod This feature is now enabled by default and can be changed with special command or in configs. Your new target is to survive in Alfheim, build up portal and get back to Overworld! And at last and the best - you can fly on pretty looking wings of one of nine available races! Your magic skills will help you to survive in this dimension. Team up with other players using built-in party system and go defeat the ultimate close-to-endgame boss - the powerful Flügel!


Alfheim Modular is now available. This is auto-updatable (on server restart) part of Alfheim and will include time-limited events and other fun stuff. If you want to play offline - download latest Alfheim-Modular file and place it in /mods/1.7.10/ directory, otherwise just restart your server with Alfheim version Beta-25 and above when you see new version, it'll be downloaded and placed automaticaly (disc write permisson is required for your Minecraft JVM process). Have fun and don't miss a single event!


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All bug reports are now acceptable ONLY in "Issues" section.
Such comments will be deleted.




Q: When there will be a port to <insert_your_version_here>?
A: 1.12.2 only after making all planned things on 1.7.10, no other versions will be supported.


Q: I'm having some crash saying something about shaders | obj model, how to fix it? 
A: Disable shaders (Botania configs) | Enable minimal graphical settings (Alfheim configs) 


Q: I don't want to: see spells | start in Alfheim, how can I disable this?
A: In configs, or using /alfheim command with MMO | ESM argument respectively.


Additional info:
- All permissions are stated in license, and yes, there is a link, sometimes it's just black...
- You can fork Alfheim, change, fix or even port it and then send PRs. In most cases I'll accept them.
- If you don't want to wait for next version - go to Source tab and follow instructions from Readme. You'll get latest available update without any coding knowledge, but it will be buggy in 99% cases.



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