21,156 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 22, 2020 Game Version: 1.7.10

Spawnpoint Castle

Castle on the other side of Alfheim Portal (in Alfheim Dimension)


Secret elven mana-infusion technology

Elvorium Armor

Elvorium Armor and Reality Sword

World Gen

New worldgen type (since Beta-5)

Plains and Forest

Two of Alfheim subbiomes

Lava Pit

Just some random beautiful looking vertical lava pit in the cave floor

Elves near forest

Group of elves having a walk and talking to each other

Midgard Trade Portal

Similar to elven portal, but for Alfheim, to exchange native resources (and plateaus in the background)

Some new baubles

Rings, amulets, and they are not limited by this screen (find more in game)

Flügel boss

Looks like Gaia Guardian, but it's not...

Demigods Rook boss

WIP boss, for now can just be summoned with command


Description of UI elements for MMO mode

Destroyed arena

Years ago it was used for public fights agains the Guardian of Gaia

Alfheim forest during night

Light of dreamwood leaves won't allow you to get lost in those forests

Thaumcraft Integration

Natural Metals caps, new rods (one is mana->vis converter), and oregen support.