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Alembic is a mod expanding combat through elemental damage types, built for being at the core of mods and fully datapack-driven:

For Players:

By default, Alembic splits damage into four types: Physical, Fire, Arcane and Alchemical. Each entity has its own resistances to them, and special defenses will be needed to protect yourself from non-physical sources. This small feature adds a lot of depth to the game's combat, as certain mobs will be significantly weaker to some damage types, and resistant to others. As an example, Creepers take 50% bonus damage from Fire damage, but Blazes are totally immune to it - changing your approach to the fight to use different damage sources depending on the situation. If you're looking for a more RPG-Oriented experience, this is the mod for you.

For Developers:

Alembic is designed to be at the core of content mods, as it allows much deeper design. The mod is fully data-driven, meaning that anyone can work with it, regardless of skill level, and down to every single element - pre-shipped content included. Nothing in Alembic is hardcoded, if you so desired, you could disable every single damage type the mod adds. Furthermore, we appreciate and encourage anyone who wants to use it as a library for their projects, and will provide help and direction on our discord. Be sure to check out our wiki to learn this project's systems and how to use them.


Learn more at the Developer Wiki: Alembic Wiki Check out the full Table of entity resistances and weaknesses here: Alembic Stats Table Join our Discord here: Foundry Discord