Alchemy Craft

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Do you ever wanted to forge your very personal armor? Crafted from any materials you like? In various combination? Maybe some magic on top? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. AlchemyCraft not only allows you to forge your personal and individual armor, it also allows you to use magic to improve your armor and create powerful tools, potions and many more ...


Please keep in mind, that this Mod is currently work in progress. There are many planned features missing and have yet to be implemented. So, I need your suggestions to help me improving the mod. This is also my first mod, so please tell me what you think about it.

Let's get started then, shall we?


As of now there are the following features implemented:

  • a multiblock forge that allows the player to heat up ingots for processing
  • a Materials.cfg file that allows you to register every item you would like to use in a armor or tool
  • tools that allow transport of hot ingots without burning the Player
  • a blacksmith’s anvil and hammer to forge tool and armor parts
  • an armor worktable to create your personal armor out of any plates and linkages in predefined shapes
  • an tool worktable to create custom tools
  • tools that can mine every block for a higher cost of durability
  • the armor’s durability and resistance depends on the items used in crafting

Starting with the Mod:

A Blacksmith's Guide:
The Book "A Blacksmith's Guide" is your first starting point when diving into the glamorous world of the Blacksmith's.
Therefore you only need to craft a Blacksmith's Hammer with a Book (The Hammer won't be consumed by the process).

The Book has some main Sections as well as a Lexicon, so if you search for something Special, there you can do so.
You should start reading about the Forge Structure and especially the heating system.

If you struggle with the shape of the Forge and can't figure out what you've done wrong, here are a some examples of Forge Designs:

Special Crafting Recipes:

The following Recipes are only added if no other mod contains steel (this is a temporary Recipe)


Keep in mind, that the mod currently is in a Alpha state. Please backup your world, cause I don't know how stable the current Version might be! You have been warned!


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