Alchemist's Combat 2

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Alchemist's Combat

Apply potions to weaponry!


New enchantments has been seen on swords and axes. Brewing is a powerful enchantment that lets you put potions on your swords and axes, the level of the enchantment determines how many potions you can apply to your weapon. Proficiency enhances the skill of applying potions, the greater the enchantment the more uses you will get out of your applied potion.


New mob effects can also be brewed in this mod. Life Taking works like instant damage but wounds all mobs alive and undead. Soul Draining also works on all mobs and is similar to the poison effect. Thieving can make Illagers and Piglins drop some of their valued loot that they are carrying. Displacement can teleport away armor from the creature that has been affected by it.


There has come a new use of campfires in this mod. To apply a potion to your weapon of choice you need a weapon in your main hand that is enchanted with at least the first tier of brewing, a potion of your choice in the off hand, and a lit campfire to combine it all. If you venture out in the nether do notice that a soul campfire will bring more uses than your ordinary campfire.


The weaponry that can apply the brewing enchantment is customizable using item tags in a datapack. The Thieving potion effect is also configurable using datapacks.


The way to gather the new potions will be changed in a future update, but as of now the recipes are as follows.

  • Thieving: Golden Apple with Awkward potion.
  • Displacement: Ender Pearl with Awkward potion.
  • Life Taking: Poppy with Awkward Potion.
  • Soul Draining: Soul Sand with Awkward Potion.
  • Levitation: Fermented Spider Eye with Potion of Slow Falling.


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