Alchemical Adventure

178 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 12, 2019 Game Version: Forge

What is Alchemical Adventure ?

Alchemical Adventure is a mod created by Goldorion in his series of "(An aspect of Minecraft's mods) Adventure". This mod adds new potion effects to fight the new mobs, and explore your world.


How can I get the new effects ?

To get the new effect potions, you have to craft the Gems. When you have it, just right click to get the effect potions with sometimes, others potions effects.


Where can I find the Gem Ore ?

In your caves, like for the diamond, between the layer 1 and 20.


How can I fight the new boss ?

In crafting the spawn gem of the boss, and right clicking in the ground.


Do you have advices to begin ?

Yes, just don't fight The Death in diamond armor without some God Gems, unless you want to die because the one way to hurt it, it's with swords.

The mod is in English, but you have French translations.


My Discord Server

My Youtube Channel (I don't speak.)

The MCreator Page


Thanks you to download my mod !

If you have any question, comment, feature idea, or bug  say me it in the comments !


Enjoy, and at the next update !



P-S : This mod is made with the software MCreator.


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