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A brief introduction:
I was one of those people who actually liked the concept of IC2 crops, however I did not like the way it was implemented (completely Random).
I am also one of those people who completely removed IC2 from his modpack in favor of Mekanism.
I am also one of those people who likes HarvestCraft.
So then this idea appeared; imagine IC2 crops, with a breedling line like Forestry bees/trees but with the HarvestCraft crops. Unfortunatly I had not a single clue how to mod Minecraft, after running around with this idea for some time, I decided to learn how to mod Minecraft using Forge, and Agricraft is the result of that.
The Mod
Agricraft aims to implement IC2 crops mutations for every crop out there, using the configs it should be possible to configure any mutation from any mod you want while also adding some farming equipment.
It should also be possible to plant and harvest any seed from any mod on AgriCraft crops (one known exception is infused seeds from Thaumic Tinkerer).
Mutations are the core mechanic of this mod. To mutate plants into other plants you first need to put some crops on farmland. If you apply crops to existing crops it will make it into a crosscrop. The more fully grown plants planted on crops next to a crosscrop the sooner a mutation will occur, mutations are actually crossbreeding of crops.
The mutation happens this way:
If there are at least 2 fully grown crops next to a crosscrop, a mutation can sprout on the crosscrop. This mutation is either one of the surrounding crops or a brand new one. Also the stats of the crop (growth, gain and strength) can increase (the more crops around a crosscrop, the higher the chance of stats increasing).
The mutations follow this algorithm:
  1. Chance to mutate in a new plant (default 20%, can be changed in the config):
    1. Check surrounding crops and find possible mutations (specified in the configs, see later).
    2. At random, one of the found mutations is chosen (if there are no compatible mutations found, nothing happens).
    3. If the resulting mutation cannot grow on this spot, the plant will not sprout (for example, some plants require a base of a certain block, or another block near them).
    4. If the spot is favorable for the plant to grow, the mutation has a certain chance to sprout (depending on it's tier, the higher the tier, the lower the chance).
    5. You will see a new plant growing if the mutation was successful and new stats will be inherited based on the surrounding crops.
  2. Chance to sprout one of the surrounding plants (default 80%)
    1. At random one of the surrounding plants is chosen to sprout on the crosscrop.
    2. Just as with mutations, the spot has to be favorable for the plant to grow, else nothing will happen.
    3. Then the possible new plant has a chance to actually sprout, also depending on the tier. (these chances can be overridden in the configs, for example to balance out certain mods like Magical Crops).
    4. If everything went right you will see a new plant sprouting with new inherited stats.
Customizing AgriCraft:
Mutations have changed from 1.7.10 to 1.10.2! Mutations are now controlled by AgriMutation files, which are JSON descriptions of the conditions, chances, and products of a mutation. These new files are located in the AgriCraft configuration directory, where they can be easily copied and/or modified on a per-game basis.
The crown jewel of the 1.10.2 update is the introduction of the JSON AgriPlant format, located in the same directory as the AgriMutation files. These are flexible plant descriptions for all plants that can be grown in crops, with no exceptions. This means that the user has 100% control over the plants in your game! You can even customize the weeds (evil laughter)!
Notice, mutations & plants will sync from the server, so server owners, you have full control over AgriCraft (no need trying to get users to manually download config files, we do it for you)!
For old versions of AgriCraft:
In the /config directory you will find an agricraft folder containing a configuration file and a mutations file. The mutations file contains default mutations based upon what mods you enabled integration for in the configuration file (if you enabled mod integration for mods that aren't installed, it will not generate the defaults for those mods).
If you wish to reload the default mutations, there is also a config option for that.
Currently there are default mutations for: Vanilla, AgriCraft, Pam's Harvestcraft, Natura, Plant Mega Pack and Pam's Weee Flowers.
Now if you wish to add/remove/customize mutations, you can do that in the mutations file. If you wish to add mutations for a mod that isn't implemented yet, that's possible, but you have to define the exact name from the itemRegistry for that seed. (you can use NEI to get these names)
When you launch MineCraft, AgriCraft should ouput all registered mutations to the log. If you defined a name wrong you will see "null" in the mutations (example: "harvestcraft:cornseedItem = null + minecraft:seeds_wheat").
This config file also contains instructions on how to specify these mutations or advanced mutations.


The Journal
This mod has support for NEI, meaning NEI can tell you all the mutations, but if you want to explore them yourself, you can disable this in the config. Then the journal will be your best friend, you will also need a seed analyzer, the journal and the seed analyzercan be crafted as follows:
Next, put your journal in the dedicated slot in the seed analyzer. Now every seed you analyze will be written down in your journal. You can read information, the tier, growth stages, fruits and if you have discovered all the seeds required for a mutation (parent seed 1 + parent seed 2 = mutation) the mutations as well.
If you wish to copy your journal, put it in a crafting grid with a blank book and quil. If you analyze a seed, you will also be able to tell what stats this seed has. The interface of the seed analyzer looks like this:
Irrigation Systems:
Irrigation systems consist of 3 components: the tanks for gathering/buffering the water, the channels for transporting the water and the sprinklers for actually irrigating the land.
These components are crafted like this:
The tanks and the channels can be crafted with any wood, however all the planks have to be the same material. The tank and the channel will look like the wood used to craft them.
Tanks are multiblocks and will connect to other tanks placed next to them, tanks and channels only connect to other tanks and channels if they are made of the same material.
Tanks are filled when it is raining, additionally you can also use other mods to pump water in them.
Next an irrigation channel has to built from your tank to the spot you wish to irrigate. If the waterlevel in the tank is higher then the level in the channel, water will flow from the tank to the channel and vice versa.
You can then attach sprinklers on irrigation channels, these will irrigate the farmland (you no longer need a water source nearby) and will speed up the growth of plants.
If you don't like irrigation systems you can disable this in the config.
Other Features:
To maximize the synergy with other mods, there is a config file to blacklist seeds from being planted on crops as well as a config to override spreading chances for seeds (these files contain instructions how to do this).
You can also add in your own crops, first set the option to create custom crops to true in the main config. Next the mod will generate a new file where you can specify your custom crops. This file also has instructions on how to specify the crops.
Next this mod has support for the MineFactory Reloaded harvester and Thaumcraft harvesting golems. Meaning you can automate the harvesting of crops.
AgriCraft also has some world gen: it will generate greenhouses in villages containing random crops (as can be seen in the screenshots).
Finally the mod also provides some resource crops, these generate resources (gold nuggets, redstone dust, ...). In order for these plants to grow, they need a base of the corresponding ore (as seen in the screenshots). When AgriCraft detects other mods that add metals (aluminum, tin, copper, lead, ...) it will also add in crops for that.
Both these features (greenhouses and resource crops) can be disabled in the config.

(requires Forge or up)
Source code:
Useful links:
MCF Thread

-ADDED: Nitor Wart: a new crop that produces glowstone dust
-CHANGE: Renamed Mushroom Seeds to Spores
-CHANGE: Sprinklers are now less laggy
-FIXED: Various crashes related to analyzed seeds in the journal after removing mods
-FIXED: Unable to plant crops on soul sand
-FIXED: Broken scythes will no longer harvest crops
-FIXED: Blacklisted seeds bypass disabling of Vanilla farming correctly

-ADDED: Hand Rake tool which, when enabled, is the only thing that can remove weeds
-ADDED: A config option to change the maximum stat cap on crops
-ADDED: A config option to divide the stats on a newly mutated crops
-ADDED: A config option to let the cactus crop produce cactus blocks instead of cactus green
-ADDED: Villagers for the greenhouse (Elec332)
-ADDED: MineTweaker3 support for changing growth requirements
-ADDED: Compatibility with Jaquadro's GardenStuff (crops can be planted on them
-ADDED: zh_CH.lang (3TUSK)
-ADDED: Support for psychedelicraft (Will work when the newer version of Psychedelicraft is released)
-ADDED: Other mods can make their seed/fruit compatible by registering the seed as "seed<YourPlantName>" and the fruit as "crop<YourPlantName>" to the ore dictionary
-ADDED: The particle setting will now decrease the number of particles from the sprinkler
-CHANGE: The background of the seed portrait in the journal is now the required soil
-CHANGE: You can now specify any block as a specific soil for custom crops
-CHANGE: Adding cross-crop sticks won't clear weeds anymore
-CHANGE: Overhauled the way mutation requirements work: instead of setting specific requirements for mutations, you now have to set specific requirements for growing.
-CHANGE: The requirement for a mutation to happen is the same as for growing: A plant can only mutate if it can grow there
-CHANGE: NEI will show the needed soil and required base block (if any) for mutations
-CHANGE: Potatoes sometimes drop poisonous potatoes now
-CHANGE: Register seeds and their produce as seed<Name> and crop<Name> in the ore dictionary
-CHANGE: Spreading from only 1 crop will not cause any stat increases (unless toggled in the config)
-CHANGE: Added a difficulty for increasing stats in the config. 1: all surrounding crops will affect stat increase. 2: Only parent/identical crops will affect stat increase. 3: Same as 2, but other crops will affect stat inheritance negatively
-CHANGE: Made the recipe for crops shaped to prevent conflicts with buildcraft wooden gears
-FIXED: Sprinklers no longer hate railcraft hidden blocks
-FIXED: Moved Botania crops to post init to possibly fix the crops not dropping petals
-FIXED: Nether wart not being recognised as a valid seed (Marcin212)
-FIXED: Sprinkler not stopping when water in the channel above ran out
-FIXED: Waila not showing accurate fluid levels for channel, tank and valve
-FIXED: Fixed crop not re-rendering on changes
-FIXED: Stats are now being reduced on mutating instead of spreading
-FIXED: Seeds being able to be planted on unhydrated farmland while farming was disabled
-FIXED: NEI mutation GUI ignoring soil meta value
-FIXED: Infinite loop when specifying BaseBlock of type 2
-FIXED: Moved resource crops to post-init to enable resource crops for mods that register their ore dictionary entries too late
-FIXED: Cactus crop dropping cactus with metadata 2 if the config option was on
-FIXED: Crash with CoFH
-FIXED: (hopefully) Fixed weird ingot to nugget recipes getting registered
-FIXED: Nether wart always yielding one fruit, regardless of gain level

-Changed AgriCraft creative tab logo
-Fixed certain crops rendering crooked
-Fixed crop lighting
-Changed Sprinkler to use a fixed configurable amount of water
-Added channel valves to irrigation systems
-Overhauled irrigation systems: sprinklers will keep consuming water but there are now valves to close channels
-Added configuration GUIs for some config categories
-Fixed water draining bug in irrigation systems
-Added option to clear all registered seed drops
-Added support for Chococraft gysahls
-Added a config to override seed tiers
-Made Magic Fertiliser from Magical Crops work on tier 4 & 5 crops (can be disabled in the config)
-Botania Horn of the Wild will no longer wipe crops away, instead it will clear them
-Added a config option to disable weeds from taking over plants (they will still spread to nearby empty crops)
-Added Minetweaker support for various aspects of AgriCraft. Check the GitHub wiki for documentation.

-Fixed Null Pointer Exception in certain cases when breaking tanks
-Fixed config reading bug
-Custom Plants will now correctly drop their fruit if their fruit is a seed
-Plants rendering in a cross will now render 4 smaller plants again
-PMP & Natura crops now render with the correct icons again
-Moved custom crops registering to post init to allow other mod items (which might register in init) to be used as drops
-Instead of crashing the game, faulty config entries will be pointed out in the log (back up your old configs and enable regenerate defaults in the main config)
-Updated the NEI handler to show required blocks below/near
-Added a config to specify fertile soils for crops

-Rewrote rendering code to improve performance
-Fixed gardening trowel bug
-Changed Hunger Overhaul compatibility (you need to update HO to newest version as well)

-Fixed crash when disabling vanilla farming
-Fixed servers kicking you out when breaking tanks
-Network optimization for irrigation systems (marcin212)

-Fixed shift-clicking crops crash
-Water residue after breaking a tank now flows
-Fixed a spelling error in the en_US.lang file
-Disabling Vanilla farming in the config actually disables Vanilla farming
-sprinkler now uses oak planks as breaking particles instead of missing textures
-tanks will never fill up in deserts (it can rain in deserts apparently, but it doesn't render the particles)

-Waila and magnifying glass only show stats of analyzed plants
-Sprinklers consume less water and irrigate plants much much slower (it was quite op before)
-Changed the way custom wood recipes are handled, they now show up in NEI
-Sprinkler now always drops the right item
-Tanks, channels and sprinklers are no longer destroyed in one hit
-The math behind irrigation systems is now correct
-Made irrigation systems less network intensive
-In the journal, when a fruit is a block, it now loads the texture correctly
-Fixed some crop rendering derps (Marcin212)
-World gen blocks no longer generate in greenhouses
-Added weeds


-Fixed crash if OreDictionary planks weren't blocks
-Underped resource crops in the configs
-Rewrote mutations
-Added special mutations: either require a specific block near or a base block in order to mutate
-Set magical crops seeds to tier 4
-Added Waila integration for crops, tanks and irrigation channels
-Added gardening trowel: can be used to move plants from one corp to another
-Added magnifying glass: use to inspect crops
-Added journal description for plant mega pack seeds
-Fixed Seed Analyzer not dropping its contents when harvested


-Config option to get more crops per crafting operation
-Added support to translate the journal to other languages
-Fixed a crash with GregTech installed
-Fixed derpy directory on Linux
-Railcraft Hidden Blocks no longer prevent crops from being placed
-Added a config file to override mutation chances for seeds
-Fixed Seed Analyzer crash
-Added a config file to blacklist seeds
-Higher tier seeds will now mutate with lower chances and spread a lot slower to adjacent crosscrops
-Added language support for tooltips
-Added greenhouses to villages (can be disabled in the config)
-Added MFR integration
-Upgraded Forge to 1230
-Added Thaumcraft integration (golem harvesting and aspects)
-Fixed not being able to interact while having seeds in hand
-You now no longer need an empty hand to harvest crops
-Added config option to disable vanilla farming (default is false)
-Finished irrigation systems
-Fixed tanks & irrigation channels always dropping oak wood versions when harvesting them
-Added default mutations for Pam's Weee Flowers
-Added recipes to convert Ex Nihilo seeds to AgriCraft seeds
-Added Plant Mega Pack integration and default mutations
-Changed the recipe for wooden bowls to use slabs (it overlaps with irrigation channels)
-Added config option to disable irrigation systems
-Added French translations (Mazdallier)
-Further work on irrigation systems
-Changed some methods for dropping seeds and fruits in the world when harvesting crops
-AgriCraft should now be compatible with Hunger Overhaul
-Fixed duping bug with Hunger Overhaul installed
-Fixed bonemeal not working with Hunger Overhaul installed
-Added a config option to disable forcing a mutation by using bonemeal on a crosscrop
-Finished water tank multiblock logic
-Added a config for registering seeds to drop from tall grass
-Fixed having to look at a block to open the Agricultural Journal
-Seeds that have been analyzed or have been planted on a crop can no longer be planted on regular farmland
-Finished water tank rendering: the tank renders using the texture from the wood used to craft it
-Fixed trying to configure mutation NEI recipe handler serverside
-Updated to forge
-Changed some things in my TileEntity classes (I suggest you remove your crops and seed analyzers from your world before updating)
-Somewhere a bug creeped in where planted seeds would immediately be fully grown, this is fixed now
-Fixed a bug where crosscrops would mutate in no plant
-Started work on irrigation systems: added tanks (code is there, they are not registered yet)
-Actually runs on servers now
-Added default mutations for resource crops for non-vanilla resources
-Changed Harvestcraft & Natura integration as well as resource crops to be enabled by default
-Added journal
-Fixed being able to bonemeal fully grown crops
-Fixed a derp crash when one plant would get registered twice
-Cleaned up some code (it's still a mess, but just a little bit less of a mess)
-Fixed opening Seed Analyzer gui pausing the game
-Fixed some crops crashing the game while trying to harvest them
-Added resource crops based on what ores have been registered in the ore dictionary
-Fixed plants planted on regular farmland (outside crops) not dropping seeds (stats resetting not fixed yet)
-Prevented Thaumic Tinkerer infused seeds from being planted or analyzed
-Added additional rendering method
-Fixed, under certain conditions, recipes showing up twice in NEI
-Fixed planting Magical Crops seed crash
-Fixed harvesting Magical Crops now yields the correct item
-Looked into Growthcraft integration and it seems there isn't much to integrate
-Fixed a bug where if you only specified 1 mutation it wouldn't be parsed
-Added the ability to add your own custom crops
-You now specify the mutations using the names for seeds you get from NEI
-Added a correction method on the input (old mutation configs will still work)
-Fixed Rendering and drops on Nether Wart
-Fixed a bug where every seed could only mutate from a single set of unique parents
-Added NEI integration
-Added stat inheritance on mutations
-Fixed being able to bonemeal empty crops
-Added using bonemeal on a cross crop triggers a crossover
-Added tooltips on seeds with initialized stats
-Tweaked bounding box of crops
-Reworked and cleaned up code
-Added Seed Analyzer
-Added default mutations for poppy, dandelion, melons, pumpkins & sugarcane
-Fixed some minor bugs
-Fixed plants rendering dark on crops
-Hide crops from NEI
-Added Natura integration
-Added meta in mutation configs
-Merged mutation configs in one file
-Added config option to regenerate default mutation config
-Initial build


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