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(I Do Updates Each Fridays)


Updates Of My Mod Can Be Seen On My YouTube Channel here


1.0 Trailer 2


1.0 Trailer


Update 0.9.5 Remastering Edition


Update 0.3.0


Update 0.2.0


Mod 0.1.0


It's All About A Story We Wanna Do (AgentKatana And I)


Version 1.0 Is Still To Be Released


This Mods Currently Add

  1. Legend
  2. Sword
  3.  Red(1, 2, 3)
  4.  Burning Golden Sword
  5.  Dresses
  6.  Masks
  7. Blood
  8. And More!!!!

 Discover The Rest You Self, plz('_')



So.. Yeah

Inform In Case Of Bugs


Note: It Is My First Mod