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The mod to give you peace of mind while AFK! Please open a issue on the issue tracker if you have found a bug.
Alternatively, if you simply have a question, you can ping me on discord, AMereBagatelle. I do not plan to support Forge.  If you would like to attempt to port the mod, the source is public.


Please report issues on the issue tracker. Alternatively, join my discord:


Simply drop the mod in your mods folder.



Reconnection:  Reconnects you to a server on disconnection due to internet/other issues.  Has a few exceptions to keep it from being abused. Damage Logout:  Logs your account out upon the player taking damage.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  COULD TRIGGER DAMAGE LOGGING DETECTION SYSTEMS. Auto AFK Mode:  Turns all features on automatically after a set amount of time. Configuration GUI:  Accessed through ModMenu. If you have a feature you believe would be a good addition to this mod, please put it as an issue on the bug tracker (linked above)!

Configuration Documentation

Settings can be accessed through a GUI, only available from ModMenu.  Find ModMenu here: