Aether: Lost Content

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A mod that brings back a lot of scrapped, unused, and even concepted content, from Aether I, and Aether Legacy.

The Aether mod 1.12.2-v1.4.4 is required as this is an addon for it.

You can find all detailed information here on this addon.

Lost Content Additions

At any time, you can use the Book of Lore in-game to tell you what everything does.

New Dungeon: Platinum Dungeon


Gale Stone

A cool, blue stone that makes up most of the Platinum Dungeon's strcuture. It cannot be destoryed until the Aerwhale King is defeated.

Light Gale Stone

The Light version of Gale Stone. It can be found in Platinum Dungeons along with Gale stone, but like it's counterpart, it cannot be collected until the boss is defeated.


The sound this legendary stone makes when walked upon can only be hbeard by the Aerwhale King, awakening the anger inside of him.

Power Gloves

It seems these gloves don't do anything yet.

Platinum Key

A super shiny key that is dropped from the Aerwhale King after being defrated. You can use it to claim the treasure on the second floor of the dungeon!

Invisibility Gem

A stone that makes the holder completely invisible! Since mobs cannot see you, they cannot attack you. Sneak up on your enemies with it!

Phoenix Tools

Phoenix Pickaxe

The metal of this pickaxe is molten hot, it melts though stone, allowing the smeling of ores instantly.

Phoenix Sword

A molten sword which flames its foes to a burning crisp. It almost hurts to touch! Usin this on animals can make them drop cooked meat!

Phoenix Shovel

The head of this shovel is molten hot, it smelts sand when touched.

Phoenix Axe

The head of this axe is molten hot, it melts through wood, it chars wood on touch.

Phoenix Cape

This cloak is hot to the touch, however it doesn't seem to do anything yet!

Shield of Jeb

A sheild that is said to have been used along with the Hammer of Notch. It has some scratches on it. It doesn't seem to have any special ability yet.

Gravitite Shield

A shield make completely of Gravitite. It can be used to block attacks. It doesn't seem to have any special effects yet.

Zanite Shield

A shield made completely of Zanite. It can be used to block attacks. It doesn't seem to have any special effects yet.

Sentry Shield

This shield seems to be ancient sentry technology. It's use has not yet been discovered.

Agility Boots

A rare pair of boots, it can be seen in Platinum Dungeons. It makes the wearer's legs stronger, therefore they can walk up blocks instantly, as well as allowing them to move faster.

Swetty Mask

The skull of a Blue Swet. It doesn't seem to do anything special.

Crystal Sapling

These blue saplings will grow into Crystal Fruit Trees. They can be grown faster with Bone Meal.

Brown Moa Egg

An Egg laid by a Brown Moa. Hatching this provides a Brown Moa with 4 mid-air jumps. It can jump very high, however, you are limited with the amount.