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- Effects System

- Added effect curative items: Antivenom Vial (Cockatrice Venom), Antidote Vial (Toxin), Bandage (Bleeding), and Splint (Fracture)

- Added Scatterglass Vials, craftable with 3 Scatterglass. They can be filled with water to make Water Vials for crafting into curative vials.

- Improved GUI overlay.

- Aechor Plants can inflict Toxin, Cockatrices can inflict Cockatrice Venom, Tempests can inflict Stun, Burrukais can inflict Fracture, and Varanys can inflict Freeze.

- Skyroot Poison Buckets inflict Toxin.

- Having an effect applied creates particles.

- Shields block status effects.

- Damage System

- Reworked the damage system from previous versions.

- There are three damage types: Slash, Pierce, and Impact.

- Different Aether weapons deal different damage types as detailed in their tooltips.

- Some mobs are weak to a damage type, meaning the weapon will deal more damage, and some mobs are strong to a damage type, meaning the weapon will deal less damage.

- If a mob is weak to a damage type, the attack will display critical hit particles in the color of the damage type.

- If a mob is strong to a damage type, the attack sound will be negated and a blocking sound will be played.

- Aether mobs are strong towards Vanilla damage, so Vanilla weapons will deal less damage to Aether mobs.

- Guard Break

- New effect applied when a player is attacked by an Aether mob while blocking with a shield.

- The effect doesn't decrease unless the player stops blocking.

- If the effect becomes active, it prevents the player from blocking.

- Better Crossbows

- Changed Crossbow mechanics to be more like 1.14, as in they no longer require the player to hold bolts in their offhand or left click to shoot.

- Added Scatterglass Shards, which can be crafted into a new bolt type: Scatterglass Bolts.

- Removed tiered Bolt types. Scatterglass Bolts are now the only type as damage is determined by the Crossbow tier.

- Improved Crafting Stations

- Reworked the GUIs for the Incubator, Icestone Cooler, and Masonry Bench.

- The Incubator is now much easier to use like its 1.7.10 counterpart.

- Added hopper support for Aether containers.

- The Icestone Cooler is now used for crafting teas and other cooling related recipes.

- Added Valkyrie Tea, a consumable that gives the player Saturation Boost (an effect that doubles saturation from foods eaten while the effect is active). It can be crafted with a Water Vial and Valkyrie Grass in the Icestone Cooler.

- Skyroot Water Buckets can be crafted with any Aercloud and a Skyroot Bucket in the Icestone Cooler.

- Highlands Ice can be crafted with a Skyroot Water Bucket in the Icestone Cooler.

- Implemented full functionality for gloves, including rendering, durability, and damage. They only apply damage with an empty hand.

- Arkenium armor slows the player down slightly and Arkenium tools have slower attack speed.

- Gravitite tools can now only float blocks that they are able to mine efficiently.

- Temporarily made Dart Shooters unobtainable until they get a redesign.

- Added Burrukai Pelt Armor

- New Kirrid model

- New Burrukai model.

- New Taegore model.

- Adjusted hitbox sizes of Burrukais and Taegores.

- Tweaked animations for Cockatrice, Skyroot Lizard, and Varanys.

- Glactrixes now use Aerbunny sounds as a placeholder.

- Changed Moa Egg texture.

- Added new textures for Moas for three different feather shapes: Curved, Pointed, and Flat.

- Improved the highlight color for Moa feathers.

- Slightly changed Moa Egg tooltip to no longer display wing strength and now display wing shape.

- Added Skyroot Pinecones, used to craft Moa Feed. Moa Feed items can be used to heal Moas. Skyroot Pinecones randomly drop from Aether Leaves.

- Moa Saddles are now crafted with Taegore Hide only.

- Moas are now immediately hungry when hatched from an Incubator

- Added Brettl Rope (a material item). Technically useless at the moment.

- Aerbunnies now only eat Blueberries and Moas only eat Blueberries and Skyroot Lizards on a Stick.

- Aerbunnies are now tameable with Oranges.

- Nerfed Taegore meat.

- New Traveller's Guidebook icon.

- Improved Traveller's Guidebook visuals.

- Added Bestiary entries to the Traveller's Guidebook for all Aether mobs.

- Separated consumables creative tab into a food tab and a non-food consumables tab.

- Organized items in creative tabs.

- Added weather subtitles.

- Changed parachute recipes and some parachute behavior.

- Removed custom skybox for now and replaced it with Vanilla's.

- Removed config options for Disable Skybox and Display Inventory Pattern.

- Added config tooltips.

- The Necromancer's Tower intro sequence is now disabled by default in the config.

- New Necromancer model and dialogue portrait.



- Properly made the mod's forge version dependency required.

- Fixed aerclouds not being placeable on top of each other.

- Fixed vanilla rain sounds playing in the Aether; the Aether uses its own.

- Fixed some equipment tooltips being inconsistent.

- Fixed the mining speed ability for Zanite tools not working.

- Fixed Aechor Plants hitting themselves with darts.

- Mostly fixed Burrukais' attack to make it knock the player in the right direction.

- Fixed doMobSpawning not affecting Aether mobs.

- Fixed issue with the player freezing when falling out of the Aether with a Moa.

- Fixed the Masonry Bench not working on multiplayer.

- Fixed issue with container inventories not copying with pick block.

- Fixed issue with container names not staying after relog.

- Fixed bug that allowed for the creation of glowstone portals.

- Fixed Aether Leaves not supporting opaque textures in fast graphics mode.

- Fixed rendering issue with moa feet.

- Fixed issue with gloves not rendering when travelling between dimensions.

- Fixed error on servers from breaking Aether Tall Grass.

- Fixed issue with Swet Gel not being consumed upon use on dirt.

- Fixed Skyroot Trapdoors not behaving like ladders with a ladder beneath them (like how trapdoors work in Vanilla).

- Fixed Aechor Petals not being consumed upon use on Moas.

- Fixed Skyroot Beds being stackable. They were supposed to be unstackable like Vanilla.

- Fixed Aerclouds not generating.

- Fixed Aerclouds only being obtainable with shovels.

- Fixed issue with Aechor Plants despawning in unloaded chunks.

- Fixed issue with parachute duplication.

- Fixed issue with the player not getting a Skyroot Lizard on a Stick if their inventory is full.

- Fixed being able to accidentally hit your Moa while riding it.

- Made config names translatable.
- Fixed crash when eating food.

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