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Aether Continuation



The Aether II is a fantastic mod, but for me, the original Aether mod will always be my favorite version due to its simplicity and how well it fits into vanilla Minecraft. When the original Aether mod stopped getting updated, I was saddened. Imagine my surprise when, some years later, I discovered the Aether Legacy mod, a port for the current versions! 

 After playing for a while, I felt inspired to make this addon that adds just a few simple features to the Aether Legacy mod, as Modding Legacy (the team behind the mod) have said that no more features will be added to keep the "Legacy" feeling. In time, I'd like to see this mod become what the original Aether mod would have been had it never stopped being updated.

🕹️ Features

  • Skyroot Doors
  • Skyroot Chests
  • Skyroot Signs
  • Skyroot Trapdoors
  • Skyroot and Holystone Pressure Plates 
    - work like their respective Wood and Stone counterparts
  • Skyroot and Holystone Buttons
    - work like their respective Wood and Stone counterparts
  • Holystone Levers
  • Zanite Doors
    - work like iron doors
  • Zanite Pressure Plate
    - only activated by players
  • Zanite Trapdoors
    - work like iron trapdoors
  • Ambrosium Block
    - cosmetic storage block that emits light
  • Skyroot Beds
    - can sleep in them in the Aether
    - explode in all other dimensions
    - come in all the colors
    - still a work in progress; they don't set your spawn point or change the time of day yet.
    I'll fix them as soon as I can, but so far nothing I've tried has worked.
  • Zanite Bars
    - decorative bars
  • Aetherion Chest
    - has a unique inventory for every single player who opens it (sort of like a localized Ender Chest)
    - crafted from 8 packed ice surrounding an Aetherium Core.
  • Aetherium Core
    - used to craft the Aetherion Chest
    - no other special effects yet
    - combine a Zanite Gem, Swetty Ball, and Golden Amber to craft it.
  • Cockatrice food
    - Cockatrices now drop Raw/Burnt Cockatrice. This food item poisons you if you try to eat it.
    - enchant it to remove the poison effect and buff the food and saturation points.
  • Configurable
    - everything in this addon can be disabled if you so wish


Gilded Games and Modding Legacy for their work on the Aether Mod
Gilded Games for their permission to use some of the Aether II's old textures


Mod Packs? Go ahead!


The Aether - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether

The Aether II - https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/the-aether-ii