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This mods adds various bits and machines to Applied Energistics 2.


  • Minecraft 1.7.10
  • Reasonably recent version of MinecraftForge (Tested with
  • Applied Energistics 2 rv2.stable
  • BdLib 1.9.0

Warning: This mod is in beta state. Back up your worlds if you like them. I am not responsible for corrupted saves, reset chunks, stolen pizza and dead kitten.


Files with "-rv3" tag are intended for use with AE2 rv3 alpha. They will not work with rv2.


Added Blocks:

  • Added Blocks

    • Crystal Growth Chamber
      • Allows pure crystals to grow without dropping them into water
      • Can also form Fluix Crystals
      • Crystal seeds, and materials for Fluix crystals can be piped from any side
      • Finished results can be extracted from any side
      • Consumes 100 AE/t when active, will automatically switch off
      • Crystals will fully grow within 600 ticks (~30 seconds)
      • Accepts up to 3 speed upgrades
    • Advanced Inscriber
      • Has smarter sidedness than the normal version – thinks can be inserted and pulled out from all sides
      • Items can stack in input/output slots
      • Supports up to 5 speed upgrades
    • Pattern Encoder
      • Allows encoding patterns using NEI [?] button (a-la AE1 Pattern Encoder + NEI Addons)
      • Requires network connection to function
      • Consumes 1 AE/t constantly

Open Source

The mod is licensed under the MMPL-1.0, the source code is available on GitHub.
Yes this means you have permission to add it to any public or private mod pack without asking.