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New storage cells for all types: 1024k, 4096k, 16384k, 65536k(only items)

New cpus: 1024k, 4096k, 16384k, 65536k

Support for chemical cells as well!

Support for ae2 things disk drives from 256k to 65536k!

New block: ME Wireless Transceiver

Allows you to transmit channels from 1 area to another! Very similar to the quantum bridge, however this new block will not transmit over dimensions(You'll need the bridge for that). Your only limit is POWER.

To get started, create a new channel and assign that block to either a broadcaster(send ae2 channels) or a receiver(receive ae2 channels). There can only be 1 broadcaster per channel network, however you can have as many receivers as you want. Bear in mind that you are still limited by the maximum number of channels from AE2(32 by default).

There is support for both private and public channel networks.

Now featuring the Super Storage Cell!

What does this do? This storage cell allows you store all 2(or 3 if you're playing with mekanism) types in 1 storage cell! That's right. No longer do you need to make a item storage cell, fluid storage cell and chemical storage cell. Just make the Super Storage Cell! Partitioning is not available yet and will be released in a future release.



  • Support for mekanism chemicals in AE2!
  • Adds bigger cells
  • Fluid Storage/Conversion Monitor


  • Fluid Filler
  • Fluid Crafter
  • Gas Level Emitter
  • Other Stuff


First off, major credit to the original creators of Extra Cells 2, M3gaFr3ak/DrummerMC. Before replacing Extra Cells 2 with this fork, make sure you convert & remove all the deprecated items and blocks.

This fork features all of Extra Cells 2's features with the exception of the deprecated fluid items/blocks open computers ME Upgrade.

Brief List of bug fixes and changes

  • Fixed Gas Level emitter - fixed fps lag issues
  • Fixed bug that prevented inserting gas and fluid into the higher capacity cells due to an unreleased change in the original
  • Added the ability to configure the pre-defined cells. You can now set a cell size & the number of types
  • Fixed bug where gas export/import buses did not show up correctly when hovering over acceleration/capacity cards
  • Fixed gas duplication bug
  • Changed up ME Fluid Assembler. Now takes capacity & speed cards.
  • Reworked ME Fluid Filler. Now takes speed cards
  • Allow partitioning of fluid cells

New Blocks:

  • Gas Interface

Shout out to DamnRelentless for adding support for this mod into Extra Cpus


Q: Is this a drop in replacement for extra cells 2? A: No, I removed the deprecated fluid items and changed the mod name. However, I am working on a way to try to make conversion easy.

If you have any issues, feel free to find me in the AE2 discord: