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Adventurer's Amulets uses the Baubles API, written by Azanor, to add a bunch of helpful items and utilities that can all be equipped via the Baubles Inventory. All crafting systems in this mod are completely GUI-less, allowing users to spend less time in a GUI and more time in the world.


I started the mod back in 2014 and after leaving in 2015 for a 4 year hiatus it's back and here to stay.



  • Does Adventurer's Amulets have documentation?
    • Yes! Adventurer's Amulets uses Patchouli by Vazkii for its in-game documentation. It has JEI integration for all recipes too, so you can choose whichever form of documentation is more useful to you.
  • Can I use Adventurer's Amulets in my mod pack?
    • Absolutely, please do! I'd love to see how all of you are using my mod.






Pre 2.0.0


Adventurer's Amulets uses the Baubles API, written by Azanor, to add a bunch of helpful items and utilities that can all be equipped via the Baubles Inventory. In addition, the mod also adds a Crafting Rune, a unique crafting system with no GUI's at all.
Without further ado, let's jump into the details!



Baubles is an API created by Azanor that adds 4 inventory slots to the player, allowing for 1 pendant, 2 rings and 1 belt. Adventurer's Amulets utilities this to add some themed items that can be used to give you flight, allow you to access your Ender Chest inventory from anywhere or to walk on water... well... skip.


Pendants are used for defense. They will passively protect you from a type of damage, based on their type. For example, the Windmaker's Pendant will protect you from all fall damage, whilst the Infernal Pendant will protect you from any Fire Damage. An extra layer of defense will also be available, and can be toggled on or off via a key-bind (set your controls menu).


Belts will assist the user passively. The belts will all allow you to get from A to B much easier, in a variety of different ways. As an example, the Windmaker's Belt allows you to walk much faster and the Transposing Belt allows you to teleport around the world at speed. By pressing the key-bind, you will gain access to another utility feature such as access to your Ender Chest or the ability to place lights if it gets too dark.


In Baubles, you have two ring slots, this means that you can choose from a variety of different combinations. As a general rule, rings are there to assist you through abilities such as Flight, but can also be used as an offensive weapon.


Charge is the way that all of your Baubles are powered within Adventurer's Amulets. Each set of Baubles is powered in a different way, as detailed below.


All Windmaker's items will gain charge if you are standing above Y-level 200. They do so at a pretty fast rate, so building your home in the skies might not be a bad idea.


All Infernal items will gain charge if you are in a hot place. If you are burning, they will gain charge (fire resistance potions work). Alternatively, just being in the Nether will gain you all the charge you will need. If you are a pyromaniac, you might want to settle in the Nether.


All Aquatic items will gain charge from being in the water. If you just stand in 1 block of water or more, your items will start to gain charge. If you can control the tides, the ocean will become your home.


All Floral items will gain charge whilst you are in direct sunlight. If it is sunny outside, and there are no blocks between you and the sky, you will start to gain charge. Let the rays of the sun beam down on you, and nature will become your shelter.


All Transposing items will gain charge whilst you are in the End. No matter where you are in the End, you will gain charge. If you don't look at the Endermen, they won't hurt you and the End will be your beginning.

Focus Crystals

You can't always be in the right place at the right time, and that's where Focus Crystals come in! Just like the Baubles, if you have them in your inventory they will charge, but they will also charge your Baubles for you. Take your floral items into the depths of hell? Go right ahead.

Crafting Rune / Rune Crafting

The crafting rune is used in order to obtain the mundane versions of the belt, ring and pendant, as well as some other neat features. In order to use it, place it in the world and surround it with the necessary items for the recipe required and right click. Currently, there is no way to view the recipes in-game, so I have explained the necessary ones around.

Please note - the top of the crafting grid is the NORTH compass direction. It WILL NOT work if you face any other direction. Use the F3 menu to find out which direction you are facing.

Similarly, 1.2.0 adds the Inert Rune. Place it in the world, and surround the sides and corners with a certain material (see below) to obtain that type of rune.
Cloud -> Windmaker's
Lava -> Infernal
Water -> Aquatic
Grass -> Floral
End Stone -> Transposing


Surround a crafting rune with stone to create 8 water source blocks in place of the stone.

The same can be done with Netherrack for similar results.

If wool is not soft and floaty enough for you, surround the crafting rune with wool to create clouds, they must be picked up with Silk Touch.

Want to play God? Surround the rune with Glowstone to make it midday or Obsidian to make it midnight.

Control over time not good enough? Place Glowstone in the corners, and cloud on the sides to make lightning strike down from the heavens.

As shown in the image above, you can place stone and obsidian together to create a blank rune.

Mundane Belt

W S W w= Wool

W W s= Blank Slate

W G W g= Gold Block

Mundane Ring

S p = Light Pressure Plate

P P s = Blank Slate

G g = Gold Block

Mundane Pendant

T S T w= Wool t= Tripwire/String

W W s= Blank Slate

W G W g= Gold Block

Inert Focus Crystal

E S D o= Obsidian t= Tripwire/String

O O s= Blank Slate e= Emerald Block

O G O g= Gold Block d= Diamond Block

If you use cobblestone instead of stone in the crafting of a Blank Slate, you will craft yourself an Inert Rune!

Usable Blocks

1.2.0 adds 5 new blocks, that can be used for different purposes.
All of these require a certain pattern of runes around them in order for them to function, so make sure you lay it out properly.

For example, the below Windmaker's Vent is not functioning.

However, if we place 1 Windmaker's Rune on each side, it will function.

With the correct pattern, the block now functions, and you are able to jump off of it with great height.


The Infernal Incinerator requires an Infernal Rune to be present at all corners of the block.

The Aquatic Reservoir requires the same pattern as the Windmaker's Vent, but with Aquatic Runes instead.

The Floral Garden requires 1 Floral Rune to be placed beneath it.

Finally, the Transposing Emitter requires 1 Transposing Rune to be placed 5 blocks above/below it. You can do 1 rune above and below the emitter, that is not a problem.


I give permission for this mod to be used in any modpack, providing that all mods have correct permission gained within that pack. All I ask is for a link back to this page. I would also like to request a message to be sent to me to let me know how Adventurer's Amulets is being used.


All downloads for this mod are available on CurseForge.


  1. Download the latest version of Adventurer's Amulets from CurseForge (see above).
  2. Download the latest version of Baubles.
  3. Download the latest version of Enchiridion.
  4. Put both of these into your mods folder in a 1.7.10 instance with the recommended version of Minecraft Forge.
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If you have any queries, e-mail me on gustoniaeagle@gmail.com, message me on Twitter or send me a message on GitHub. If you find a bug, submit it as an issue on the repository with full description and crash reports.