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Adventure Tools is a small mod that adds several items to make the game less tedious.


Current Features:

  • Escape Rope: Consumable that teleports you to the entrance of the cave you are in.
  • Recipe: Recipe for Escape Rope
  • Notes: You must have the rope before entering the cave for it to work. There is a delay before using the rope, to prevent it from being used as an instant teleport. This is changeable in the configs.
  • Ender Lantern: While in the inventory, reveals nearby ores.
  • Recipe:Ender Lantern Recipe
  • Ender Lantern in action:Ender Lantern in action
  • The radius of the lantern is configurable client-side, not server side. This so users may adjust the radius to suit their own computing power, as setting too large a radius can potentially lag those with less powerful computers. To counteract this, the maximum radius can be set server-side.
  • Mining Helmet: Creates light where the player is looking. Toggle-able by shift-right-clicking in your hand.
  • Recipe:
  • Mining Helmet in action:
  • Fully Configurable! (Range and Power)
  • Custom 3D Model!
  • Flashlight: Acts exactly like a Miner's Helmet, but needs to be held to work.
  • Recipe:
  • Explorer Hat: Dyeable cosmetic hat stronger than Leather Armor
  • Recipe (although any wool/carpet can be used, produces a default hat):
  • The band changes colors:

Planned Features:

  • Parachute that automatically deploys
  • More hats (?)
  • Grappling Hook - maybe
  • ???

You are free to distribute this mod as you wish. You don't even have to ask me, just leave a link to the CurseForge page.