Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.5-1.16.5.jar
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Uploaded Jun 6, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


* Ugly-fixed a crash for Primal Sword. (Github issue #2592)
* Observing Eye is now a boss spawning item.


* Fixed boss altar blocks not dropping.
* Fixed Bright Grass not using the correct sounds. (Github issue #2596)
- Removed Visualent Altar.
* Fixed AoA portals transporting entities that shouldn't be transported.


* Fixed Explosives Expert missing a trade. (Github issue #2587)
* Changed AoA Traders back to using normal sounds. (Github issue #2588)
* Made traders a little more eager to run away from mobs. (Github issue #2589)
* Fixed some Shyrelands mobs not spawning in daylight.
* Rebalanced vanilla xp rewards from AoA traders.
* Fixed an incorrect trade for Explosives Expert.
* Fixed Spirit Guardians and Spirit Protectors not being able to spawn in the Guardian Tower.


* Fixed the AoA Structures subcommand generating structures with non-finalized entities. (Github issue #2594)


* Changed the recipe for Nowhere Realmstone.


* Made smaller Lunalus features slightly more common.
* Made smaller Shyrelands features slightly less common.
* Adjusted the loot table for Aquatic Castle.
* Adjusted the world tables to account for looting.
* Renamed Baroness House to Baron House. (Github suggestion #2595)
* Added loot tables for the structures added in Beta 4.
* Fixed Runic Towers generating without their glass. (Github issue #2599)


* Did some more portal logic improvement to hopefully reduce getting stuck in infinite portal loops. Maybe.
* Did another thing to help with portals spawning on dimension ceilings. (Github issue #2597)
* Fixed the mod hanging any dedicated server indefinitely until force-closed. (Github issue #2528)