Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.5-1.16.5-Beta-2.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Apr 1, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +2
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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


* Fixed Soulstone tools not working properly. (Github issue #2388)
- Removed Silvro Coin.
* Changed Achelos Helmet's effect.
* Changed Oceanus Helmet's effect.
* Made all airtight armour provide environmental protection and oxygen.
* Edited Hazmat Armour's description.
* Edited Face Mask's description.
+ Made Oceanus Helmet craftable and removed it from Corallus' drop table.
+ Made Sealord Helmet craftable and removed it from Corallus' drop table.


* Fixed Glowshrooms reacting to Bonemeal. (Github issue #2369)
* Fixed Saplings not being placeable on dimension grass. (Github issue #2395)
- Removed the unbreakable variants of Archaic Blocks.
- Removed Immortallis Progressor.
- Removed Ghostly Banners.
- Removed Ghoul Banners.
- Removed Gingerbread Banners.
- Removed Illusion Banners.
- Removed Light Banners.
- Removed Creepoid Banners.
- Removed Sea Banners.
- Removed Shiny Banners.
- Removed Nethengeic Banners.
- Removed Skeletal Banners.


* Made Pincher & Muncher spawn on the floor. (Github suggestion #2368)
* Moved Wood Giant to forests.
* Made giants rarer.
* Raised Hunter XP gained from killing giants. (Github suggestion #2365)
* Fixed Web Reaper breaking its name translation when empowered.
* Made some entity footsteps more consistent with vanilla. (Github issue #2389)
* Fixed Hiding Fungi giving vanilla xp when killed. (Github issue #2418)


* Fixed particles not rendering. (Github issue #2361)
* Fixed Lelyetian Trees generating in the sky. (Github issue #2367)
* Adjusted the amount of Hunter xp gained from killing mobs under level 15.
* Fixed Crystevia tunnelling through Dimensional Fabric for water falls. (Github issue #2373)
* Fixed Green Vox Tentacles generating above toxic lakes. (Github issue #2375)
* Fixed Lunalus growing snow on top of blocks. (Github issue #2377)
* Fixed big trees generating partially in midair. (Github issue #2378)
* Fixed Silencer causing sound boosts after moving away from one. (Github issue #2387)
* Fixed entities not spawning in the nether. (Github issue #2382)
+ Re-added compatibility with JER.
* Fixed Crystevian crystals generating above the roof. (Github issue #2391)
* Fixed dimensions turning vanilla grass and leaves black. (Github issue #2394)
* Fixed some decorations being missing. (Github issue #2381)
* Fixed Hauling not working. (Github issue #2403)
* Fixed Professor's Lab not generating. (Github issue #2408)
* Fixed Creeper HQ not generating properly. (Github issue #2360)
- Removed Ancient Cavern.
- Removed Immortallis.
+ Added Nowhere.
* Fixed Water Rune Shrines not spawning.
* More fixes to portal systems to attempt to prevent rooftop spawns.
* Fixed the Frame Bench GUI for JEI rendering wrong. (Github issue #2430)
* Fixed Clunkhead's arena causing Clunkhead to spawn outside. (Github issue #2435)
* Fixed Baron Castle not generating properly. (Github issue #2434)
* Fixed Primordial Shrine generating in the wrong directions. (Github issue #2415)


* Swapped the textures for Shiny & Shyre Banners.