Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.4-1.15.2.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Dec 10, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 75.55 MB
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MD5 2c0a0b9984662fe945234ff11b4f3bd3
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Java 8
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Fully updated AoA3 to Minecraft 1.15.2!


* Removed Cave Creep's ability to heal occasionally.
* Changed the ID of fake zombie pigman to aoa3:fake_zombie_pigman.
* Made Soul Tablets face the player when placed.
* Changed the xp value of the Radiant Power Stone drop from Radiant Pixons from 60 to 950.
* Converted the traders to use the Vanilla Trader GUI.
* Reduced the length of the poison potion from Store Keeper to 30 seconds.


- Removed Cycade Leaves.
- Removed Cycade Log.
- Removed Cycade Stairs.
- Removed Cycade Slab.
- Removed Cycade Fence.
- Removed Cycade Fence Gate.
- Removed Coloured Bricks.
- Removed Crystallanium, Emberium, Shadonantium, Skeletanium. (For now. I'm not getting rid of their concepts forever)
- Removed the Deeplands trap blocks.
- Removed the Iro Brick Trap block.
- Removed all AoA Spawner blocks and merged them into the vanilla spawner.
* Changed the name of numerous blocks:
Aromatic Stone, Bright Rock,
Coral Rock, Crystallised Rock, Darkened Rock,
Dense Stone, Fungal Rock, Hellstone, Irostone,
Polluted Stone, Precasian Lower-Rock,
Precasian Surface-Rock, Pressed Creep Stone,
Weightless Stone, Aromatic Dirt, Blackened Soil,
Candied Dirt, Celevian Dirt, Coral Soil,
Fungal Dirt, Polluted Soil, Weightless Dirt,
Abyssal Grass, Aromatic Grass, Bright Grass,
Candied Grass, Celevian Grass, Coral Grass,
Faded Grass, Fungal Grass, Inverted Lelyetian Grass,
Irograss, Lelyetian Grass, Polluted Grass,
Precasian Grass, Weightless Grass, Irolog,
Lelyetian Bricks Slab, Black Mysterium Bricks Slab,
Green Mysterium Bricks Slab, White Shyre Bricks Slab,
Yellow Shyre Bricks Slab, Black Mushroom Block,
Blue Mushroom Block, Green Mushroom Block,
Orange Mushroom Block, Purple Mushroom Block,
Yellow Mushroom Block, Giant Plant Stem,
Aqua Stained-Glass Lamp, Black Stained-Glass Lamp,
Blue Stained-Glass Lamp, Brown Stained-Glass Lamp,
Cyan Stained-Glass Lamp, Dark Grey Stained-Glass Lamp,
Green Stained-Glass Lamp, Grey Stained-Glass Lamp,
Lime Stained-Glass Lamp, Magenta Stained-Glass Lamp,
Orange Stained-Glass Lamp, Pink Stained-Glass Lamp,
Purple Stained-Glass Lamp, Red Stained-Glass Lamp,
White Stained-Glass Lamp, Yellow Stained-Glass Lamp,
Block of Amethyst, Block of Baronyte, Block of Blazium,
Block of Bloodstone, Block of Crystallite,
Block of Elecanium, Block of Emberstone,
Block of Gemenyte, Block of Jade, Block of Jewelyte,
Block of Limonite, Lunar Ingot Block, Block of Lyon,
Block of Mystite, Block of Ornamyte, Block of Rosite,
Block of Sapphire, Block of Shyregem, Block of Shyrestone,
Block of Varsium, both Archaic Stream blocks, all crops,
Lelyetian Weeds, Lelyetian Weeds Down, Creep Bush.
* Renamed gate blocks to follow the vanilla naming scheme of <type>_fence_gate.
* Added sticks to leaf block drops to closer match vanilla functionality.
* Stopped hiding unbreakable blocks from the creative menu.
* Reduced Snail Acid damage to 4 per hit, slowness to 1, and slowness duration to 20 ticks.
- Removed statue blocks, now replaced with trophy blocks. They work a bit differently.
* Made miscellaneous foliage blocks consistent in hardness/resistance.
- Removed Carved Rune of Empowering & Carved Rune of Focus.
* Added a second half to the banner block, so it can be broken from either half. Also prevents banners being placed where they shouldn't.
* Changed the ID of numerous plant blocks to follow more standardised naming conventions. I.E. celevians_blue -> blue_celevians
* Maybe temporarily removed some further unused blocks to clean up the codebase:
Ancient Altar, Ascension Shrine, Filtration System, Recreation Station.
+ Added stripped versions of each log.
* Migrated the crop blocks to the more natural binomial seed distribution system that vanilla uses.
+ Added a Twinklestone Fence Gate.
+ Added pressure plate variants for all planks.
+ Added button variants for all planks.
+ Added wall variants for all stone, bricks, and ivory.
+ Added slab variants for all dimensional stone.
+ Added stairs variants for all dimensional stone.
+ Added the 4 carved runes for portals to the overworld loot table.
+ Added the 4 carved runes to Logging, Foraging, and Hauling loot temporarily.


* Adjusted Baron Greatblade to require 85% of swing instead of 75%.
* Adjusted Creepoid Greatblade to require 85% of swing instead of 75%.
* Changed the drop rate of items with Gemcracker.
* Changed the name and id of the Mega Rune Fragments to have their colour at the front instead of the end.
* Changed the id of the vulcane augments to have their type at the front instead of the end.
* Changed Return Crystal's description & use action. Is no longer food.
* Merged the 4 progress coin items and changed the name to Progress Token.
* Changed the name of cooked food items to match vanilla naming formats of cooked <item>.
* Changed the fail message when rosidons can't find a suitable spot to move up to.
* Changed the ID of the music discs to music_disc_<name>.
* Made Occult Pickaxe's ore highlighting ability support any block model, even custom, non-cube models.
* Tweaked the damage formula for bows again to be much more consistent and actually base around their stat properly.
* Converted all archerguns to crossbows. Balance pending.
* Changed the loot box items to work when right clicked in air.
* Renamed Borean Realmstone to L'Borean Realmstone & changed its ID to match.


- Removed type-immunities from mobs. This was done for the sake of the initial port release, since I intend to do something with this shortly anyway.
- Removed the daily chat messages. Event and triggered messages still exist.
* Moved the left portions of the advent gui player tab over to the right slightly.
* Foraging now works on a lot more blocks. This only temporary, as changes to MC since 1.12 mean Foraging as it was in 1.12 is no longer possible.
- Temporarily removed the village-related teleporter frame & villager generation due to events no longer supporting their implementation.
* Rewrote the commands in the new Brigadier command system. Now +100% more usable!
* Improved the AoAWiki command to try to automatically find the page for you if it's an exact match.
- Removed the AoASkill command.
+ Added the AoAPlayer command. This effectively replaces AoASkill and adds a lot more functionality.
- Removed the boss bars we all know in AoA with the vanilla system, using new custom textures.
* Temporarily moved Opteryx Nest structures to ground level for now as required RE: compatibility with 1.15
+ Guides can now be added/removed/edited via resourcepacks.
+ Bestiary entries can now be added/removed/edited via resourcepacks.
+ Added a bunch of items & blocks to the furnace fuel registry.
* Adjusted the Rage icon to go red at 180 rage instead of 150 to match up with previous changes to the rage system.
* Fixed some unnecessary capitalisation in a tip for the Advent Help tab.


* Changed the description text of a few advancements.
* Changed the name of the Light-Speed advancement to Lightspeed.
* Unhid the Living on the Edge advancement.
* Changed a few advancement types to Task from Challenge.


* Changed the chance values for various config settings from 1/n to n%.
* Split the Shyre ores into two distinct config options.
+ Added the disableHudPotionOffset config option.


+ Added native support for the recipe unlock system.
* Changed the recipes for the various ivory items & blocks.
+ Added support for the Smoker block.
+ Added support for the Campfire block.
+ Added support for the Stonecutter block.
+ Added support for the Blast Furnace block.
+ Added log to charcoal recipes for all logs.


* Replaced the texture of all ingots with NeoVolt's JAPPA style textures.
* Replaced all log textures.
* Replaced all plank textures.
* Replaced the Ancient Rock texture.
* Replaced the Carved Rune textures.
* Replaced the precasian bone fragment textures.
* Replaced the nugget textures.