Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.2.6.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Mar 25, 2020
Game Version Forge
Size 85.78 MB
Downloads 20,505
MD5 5a5386e1cecc703f2d57c44d5b1a9f6a
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Java 8
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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


* Fixed Omni Armor having incorrect toughness values. (Github issue #1310)
* Fixed a crash occuring when using Gas Blaster on untamed minions. (Github issue #1322)
* Fixed Hell Horn's bubbles not correctly hitting enemies. (Github issue #1323)
* Adjusted the staff code again to be more consistent with firing speed. (Github issue #1303)
* Soul Spark & Light Spark will now no longer affect blaster-immune enemies.
* Fixed the Occult Pickaxe's marker cubes persisting at 0, 0 and causing FPS drops. (Github issue #1327)
* Fixed an issue allowing shield-abuse when firing guns. (Github issue #1332)
* Fixed a bug causing scythes to regenerate more soul power than intended.


* Made cotton candy blocks obtainable with shears.
* Reduced hardness and explosion resistance of cotton candy.


* Fixed Skipper not spawning properly.
* Fixed Chomper not spawning properly.
* Fixed Spinux not spawning properly.
* Fixed Fishix not spawning properly.
* Adjusted Skipper's movement speed slightly.
* Removed Hydrolisk's teleport ability.
* Added Power Core to MechBot's drops.
* Fixed Swamp Chargers not spawning properly.
* Allowed Undead Heralds to despawn after an hour if not nametagged.
* Reduced Undead Herald's space rate.


+ Added a recipe for Eye Candy.
+ Added a recipe for Hot Rods.


* Fixed a stray pixel on the Ultimatum Staff texture.
* Fixed stray pixels on the skill icons. (Github issue #1128)


* Fixed a null argument being thrown, causing an incompatibility with SpongeForge. (Github issue #1315)
* Fixed the drop table for fishing blocking AoA fish from being pulled up.
* Fixed AoA breaking compatibility with fall damage modifications from other mods. (Github issue #1304)
* Fixed a rare crash from XP Particles.
* Fixed a dedicated server crash occuring when disabling unsafe infusion in the config file. (Github issue #1317)
* Fixed a typo in the His Bigger Badder Brother achievement's name, and one in its description.
* Fixed a game freeze occuring when the portal can't find a suitable portal location in a void world.
* Fixed an issue with Phosphor where chunks would randomly fail to exist.
* Changed up the spawning logic for Skeletal Army to fix spawns hanging on trees.