Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Uploaded Feb 7, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


3.2.4 (Patch Update):
* Crops that don't have a seed version now will have a chance to drop additional crops when harvested instead of seeds.
* Breaking a crop block will now give a higher average yield than right-click harvesting. (Github suggestion #1173)
* Fixed Mineralization Station not converting Rosite Ingots.
* Adjusted output of Mineralization station for most minerals.


* Fixed Purity Armour applying its set effect regardless of the number of pieces worn. (Github issue #1172)
* Changed Rosidian Archergun's chance to heal to 1/8.
* Fixed soul tablets still consuming soul power to place even if an entity is blocking its placement. (Github issue #1169)
* Fixed Predatious Armour not dealing reflected melee damage. (Github issue #1171)
* Fixed Nethengeic Armour's set effect invisibly overriding its per-piece effect.
* Reduced Horizon Maul's levitation time to 1.75 seconds.
* Fixed Achelos Helmet's description not being correct.
* Gave Energistic Tools a hard cap of 2000 stored energy.
* Added Bloodstone, Crystallite, Ornamyte, Jewelyte, and Gemenyte to Shiny Boxes. (Github issue #1199)
* Gave Shiny Boxes a better chance to drop non-overworld ingots if the player has luck.
* Added Nature Melon Slice to Gardencia, Garden Castle, and Floro Castle drop tables.


* Fixed Radiant Pixon only giving 40xp when harvested. (Github issue #1177)
* Fixed Yeti not dropping its fingernails when killed correctly.
* Removed Primordial Skull trade from Primordial Merchant.
* Removed Bane's teleport ability.
* Halved the chance of Coniferon's poison ability occuring.
* Removed Coniferon's teleport ability.
* Removed Goldorth's teleport ability.
* Removed Horon's teleport ability.
* Removed Hydrolisk's teleport ability.
* Removed Kajaros' teleport ability.
* Removed Okazor's teleport ability.
* Removed Rockrider's teleport ability.
* Increased Gorb Arms Dealer's grenade trade to 5 grenades.
* Increased drop rate of Commander Armour from Rune Templars.
* Changed Metalloid's trades.
* Changed Naturalist's trades.
* Fixed Rammerhead's mouth being cut in half. (Github issue #1183)
* Fixed Runicorn Rider's head detaching while moving. (Github issue #1180)
* Fixed a bug causing dimensional lottomen to not spawn properly (or at all).


+ Added a recipe for Shadonantium.
+ Added a recipe for Emberium.
+ Added a recipe for Skeletanium.
* Fixed Construct of Servility Slab's recipe being wrong. (Github issue #1202)
+ Added recipes for most lamp blocks. (Github issue #1203)


* Fixed the Ancient Cavern bosses not dropping loot. (Github issue #1178)
* Fixed being able to hit riding entities with greatblades or mauls. (Github issue #1164)
* Fixed environmental damage handling incorrectly for various items & mobs.
- Removed severely outdated translation files until they are updated further. (Github issue #1154)
* Fixed the armour system counting a full set as an additional armour piece for per-piece armour effects.
* Fixed a crash that can occur in the Advent GUI when another mod incorrectly registers an entity.
* Fixed numerous loot tables dropping the wrong variant of an item due to an invalid data entry in the loot table json.
* Fixed ore vein max-ore-per-vein undergenerating by 1 block.
* Changed Amethyst Ore gen height to 14-30.
* Changed Rosite Ore gen height to 17-47.
* Changed Limonite Ore gen height to 8-67.
* Changed Runium Ore gen height to 5-132.
* Changed Jade Ore gen height to 7-19.
* Changed Sapphire Ore gen height to 4-11.
* Increased Emberstone Ore max veins per chunk to 6.
* Changed Emberstone Ore gen height to 5-124.
* Fixed numerous armour pieces having an extra texture when on armour stands. (Github issue #1034)
* Fixed a bug where dying then restarting the server resets any level above 100 to 100.
* Added a saving function for Intervention and Necro Armour items saved through death. This prevents the player losing the items if the player dies but doesn't respawn before the server restarts.
* Re-ordered skill master trades to look a bit better.
* Fixed Crystallite & Bloodstone ores not being smeltable. (Github issue #1198)
* Fixed yet another issue with Elder Guardian's drop table.
* Added Fire Lamps to Nethengeic Pit.
* Fixed Crystevia gemstone ores not being smeltable.


* Retextured God's Greatblade.
* Retextured Primordial Greatblade.
* Retextured Shroomus Sword.
* Retextured Baron Greatblade.
* Retextured Underworld Greatblade.