Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.2.3.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Jan 26, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 107.38 MB
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MD5 5214112d31f29bebdcf8de3b75e6e158
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)


* Reduced Spectral Archergun's damage to 6.5.
* Fixed Runic Greatblade dealing more damage than it should.
* Reduced Crystal Greatblade's AoE damage depending on the attack cooldown.
+ Added a recipe for Knight Armour.


* Fixed Skellox and Irkling not spawning during full moons.
* Fixed a bug causing Web Reapers to crash dedicated servers. (Github issue #1157)
* Made NPCs more common again.
* Fixed a bug causing traders to not spawn in certain dimensions based on their light levels.


* Adjusted Intervention to only have a 20% chance to remove itself when activated.
* Added third-party-compatibility for Enchantment Descriptions mod. (Github suggestion #1153)
* Added an aoa3 prefix to enchantment names to prevent naming conflicts with other mods


* Stopped Rockrider Boulder Spawning.
* Stopped spectators being able to attack with greatblades or mauls.
* Fixed issue where sometimes melee attacks would fail to hit.
- Removed support for keyboards to attack using greatblades until I figure out how best to handle it. It was causing issues with phantom swings.
* Lowered default spawn modifier to 0.3.
* Fixed Pixons not giving Luxon tribute when harvested. (Github issue #1155)
* Added a catch to prevent getting stuck in a portal loop at a dead-end dimension run. (Github issue #1085)