Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Uploaded Jan 25, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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 Advent of Ascension 3 Changelog
(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)

3.2.2 (Patch update):


* Fixed Crystaneer crashing occasionally when killing an entity
* Fixed Distorting Artifact giving fall damage when activating and landing
* Fixed radiant infusion stones only giving 22xp instead of 220 when converting (Github issue #1091)
* Increased the amount of durability damage Candy Blade takes when consumed
* Fixed certain snipers not having their per-bullet effects activated (Github issue #1131)
* Fixed confetti cannon and confetti cluster hitting enemies
* Added a cooldown to runic armour's set effect (Github issue #1111)
* Fixed millennium greatblade's spelling (Github issue #1119)
* Fixed Knight Armour activating regardless of HP status (Github issue #1116)
* Made Nethengeic Callstone obtainable in survival
* Added a tooltip to Big Blast and Blissful blast to note their explosive properties (Github suggestion #1124)
* The Worn Book now continues to give blank realmstones to the player if they don't already have one
* Fixed firefly staff infinitely replicating on big targets (Github issue #1143)
* Fixed Runic Greatblade's magic damage hurting magic-immune enemies (Github issue #1138)
* Fixed Skeletal Armour crashing on servers
* Fixed predatorian blaster not withering targets (Github issue #1144)
* Fixed Runic Greatblade's magic damage not scaling with attack cooldown
* Fixed Selyan scythe healing the wrong amount
* Rebalanced archerguns to be more in line with the rest of the weapons
* Changed Rosidian staff's description to better clarify its effect (github suggestion #1145)
* Fixed Emberstone tools crashing when mining blocks with no drops (Github issue #1149)
* Changed the texture for construct of servility to match its new model
* Increased damage of Bloodfury slightly


* Reduced Peppermint Snail's knockback to 0
* Reduced Spearmint Snail's knockback to 0 and health to 25
* Fixed Nethengeic Wither using its old drops (Github issue #1093)
* Fixed Shadowlord using its old drops (Github issue #1094)
* Fixed Ender Dragon not dropping anything (Github issue #1097)
* Fixed Runicorn Rider spawning multiple Runicorns (Github issue #1105)
- Removed the energy damage type from enemies to keep consistency for mob attacks (Github suggestion #1096)
* Made roaming trader NPCs much more common
* Stopped Augury Master from spawning
* Removed Corallus spawn chance from amphibiytes
* Fixed the hitbox of all of the minion entities
* Increased Web reaper's looting buff when powered up
* Changed some chat lines from the Primordial Guide
* Added some extra drops to infernal
* Added Kaiyu Staff to kaiyu drop tables (Github issue #1139)
* Added Sun Staff to Inmate X Drop tables (Github issue #1139)
* Changed the texture for Hellquin
* Fixed Web Reaper's numerous glitches with powering up (Github issue #1081)
* Changed the model for Construct of Servility
* Added ground friction to anima stones and heartstones


* Removed Realm Travel Ticket requirement from Runandor Portal
* Fixed redstone ore not counting for deeplands' realmstone task (Github issue #1100)
* Fixed Creeponia's realmstone task not activating (Github issue #1099)
* Slightly reduced silver coin rate in gingerbread house loot chests
* Stopped all overworld events occuring on the first day
* Fixed gardencia mobs infinitely healing when in candied water (Github issue #1103)
* Added a failsafe to restart player trajectory in lelyetia if they get stuck between layers (Github issue #1104)
* Added holly top seeds to the overworld loot table
* Fixed the Abyss realmstone task not working (Github issue #1080)
* Turned off the lights in Baron Castle (Github issue #1109)
* Fixed the Greckon Realmstone task not working properly in survival
* If ruined teleporter frame generation is disabled by config, corrupted travellers will spawn naturally instead
* Fixed a crash from binding a non-standard button to the advent gui
* Stopped the Four Guardians music track from ending when the first guardian is killed (Github issue #1078)
* Changed the task text for creeponia's realmstone task
* Changed the task for Shyrelands to require slightly different items
* Adjusted the base spawn modifier to sit at 0.5 instead of 0.1
* Added missing lang line for when an extraction device can't find space below it
* Reduced portal search radius in config to correct value and fixed the value only using 1/4 of itself. Also expanded default portal search radius a bit
* Added an additional check to portal searching to reduce & hopefully eliminate portals being placed on top of dimensions
* Fixed Surface-To-Air advancement completing inaccurately on mobs not touching the ground (Github issue #1147)
* Doubled the spawn chance of ancient teleporters under villages
* Increased spawn weightings of all AoA nether mobs
* Added some additional generic loot to the overworld loot table
* Added support for keyboard-attacking with greatblades and mauls (Github issue #1134)


* Fixed mending table consuming a whole stack of repair material (Github issue #1101)
* Removed the ability to repair items by their repair materials on mending tables. Anvils remain used for that
* Fixed mending table leaving a ghost item in the result slot after mending
* Fixed Runium Ore giving infinite xp when mined (Github issue #1117)
* Fixed extraction device not giving items when on a server (Github issue #1135)
* Fixed lamp blocks not dropping themselves when mined


* Fixed Magic Repair Dust having an unobtainable recipe
+ Added a recipe for shroom stone
+ Added a recipe for the cup
+ Added 2 recipes for grenades
- Removed the recipe for blank realmstones from the worn book.
* Changed recipe for Nightmare bow to use reinforced cloth instead of torn cloth
+ Added recipes for all of the minion slabs (Except corby, which is dropped in lborean)
+ Added recipes for the Skeletal tools
+ Added a recipe for infernal armour (Github issue #1146)

* Added support for the random page feature in /aoawiki


* Modified the Troll Trader gui to be easier to read
* Fixed the old vulcane textures being present on the token trader gui
* Fixed a glitch where some mods would make the background around the resources icons go black
+ Bankers now have their own specialised gui for converting coins.
* Fixed certain mobs from not showing their hunter level in their bestiary entry
* Added Hunter xp to relevant bestiary entries