Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename AoA3-3.1.2.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded May 19, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 64.51 MB
Downloads 2,531
MD5 645e8d25d0c5ffcb00cb104ca5f0ca20
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


(+: Added; -: Removed; *: Modified)

+ Added the 'My Precious' advancement
+ Added the 'Immovable Object' advancement
+ Added the 'The Almighty Touch' advancement

* Fixed being able to set unusual amounts of xp and levels with /aoaskill (Github issue #616)

+ Added guides pages for each of the overworld events
+ Added the bestiary tab! Kill AoA creatures to unlock their entry in the bestiary, giving access to little bits of lore and their stats
* Removed xp required from player tab when max level reached
+ Added configurable positions and layouts for the resources gui. Choose between any of the four corners of the screen, and whether you'd prefer horizontal or vertical display
+ Added a configuration gui for all config options in the mod (accessible through the mods menu)
* Increased granularity of resources icons, cleaned up their rendering quite a lot
* Changed up the config options for the resource gui - allows more default customisation
* If the TopRight option is used, the resource gui will now automatically lower when potion effects are present
* Improved culling in the guides tab. (A little bit more efficient)
* Fixed guides tab not changing language with the rest of mc without a restart
+ Added an extraction guide
* Changed download link in help tab to go to the chinese wiki if on a chinese language
* Fixed bug where clicking above the guides tab while scrolled down caused a window to open
* Stopped boss health bars from appearing when bosses are renderer outside of the world
* Players can now close the advent main gui with the same button they used to open it
* Re-implemented XP Particles. Now with a fancy new look that makes it easier to see, and will also help indicate when you get a level up

* Changed cannonball recipe to shaped
* Corrected name of Haunter Rifle Totem
* Fixed archaic armour not checking for cooldowns
* Fixed archaic armour not working on flying mobs
* Fixed candlefire sword doing more damage than it states (Github issue #638)
* Removed unholster time for thrown weapons
* Fixed very high levels of recharge causing weird energy levels
* Fixed blasters sometimes lowering durability during charge time
* Fixed being able to fire blasters after the item should normally have disappeared
* Fixed Elecanyte armour not properly checking for physical damage (Github issue #644)
* Fixed Exoplate armour not properly checking for physical damage (Github issue #644)
* Fixed Hydroplate armour crashing the game (Github issue #651)
* Fixed mecha skellox slab only giving 4000 xp on sacrifice

* Fixed crystal extension shrine only giving 1 essence per crystal
* Fixed dirt blocks not taking shovels into account when being broken (Github issue #627)
* Fixed mending table causing issues when placing blocks on it
* Renamed coloured crystal ores to gemstone ores, fixed them dropping crystals instead of gemstones
+ Added all ore blocks to the ore dictionary. This should enable passive compatibility with any ore/smelting mod (like tinkers)
* Removed luminosity from crystevia crystal blocks. This should improve performance in Crystevia greatly

* Added charger shank drop to sea chargers
* Swapped event requirements for Terrestrial and Irkling
* Removed obulon drop from Irkling, gave it moonstone and soul banner drops
* Fixed spawn rate of sasquatch
* Fixed Elusive spawning in weird locations
* Fixed Spearmint Slug dropping red candy instead of green (Github issue #655)
* Stopped Scrubbies inexplicably attacking villagers (Github suggestion #656)
* Fixed withering lottomen not spawning
* Adjusted Zal Grocer 64 steak trade to make sense. Trades are not necessarily final, just adjusting it to fit in regardless of balancing for now.
* Adjusted Lottoman gem bag trade to make sense.
* Corrected missing bow immunity for Pinchers
* Made bloodlusts no longer collide with other entities

* Cleaned up the energy resource icon
* Cleaned up the expedition skill icon
* Cleaned up the runation skill icon
* Replaced goofy shovel and soulstone shovel textures so they look like shovels (Github issue #418)
* Fixed holly top crop texture not appearing correctly (Github issue #218)
* Fixed issue where skeletal and necro armour didn't have textures on the bottom of the player's feet

* Fixed incorrectly swapped baron armour descriptions
* Fixed 'staffs' in runation armour description
* Fixed runic armour incorrectly stating it gives a 5-heart shield

* Fixed issue causing weird lighting issues when mobs with special properties are nearby
* Fixed up loose gl pointer when rendering transparent mobs
* Removed legacy checks for old config entries. With the creation of the config gui, I should no longer have to change config file stuff. I'm considering this a clean start for them
* Mobs will no longer spawn on 'smooth' stone variants (andesite smooth, etc)
* The jar file is now signed
* The mod will now require a minimum of Forge There's no functional reason for this - I'm just really tired of people using old versions for quite literally no reason

* Replaced Supremacy Sword texture