Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

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Filename aoa3-3.0.1.jar
Uploaded by Scimiguy
Uploaded Feb 23, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 61.33 MB
Downloads 2,223
MD5 2f68515c700b9c36b26c8129a052915e
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


* Reduced Chomper running speed
* Reduced Dark Beast movement speed slightly
* Removed Head Hunter drop from Tree Spirit
* Removed drops from shadow
* Fixed incorrect Runic Golem sounds
* Fixed Green Guardian's explosiosn not being in the right spot
* Fixed Voxxulon projectiles not exploding
* Fixed Tyrosaur's stomp message appearing even if you hadn't taken damage
* Increased Silverfoot's tracking range and removed his sight checks
* Gave Dweller explosion immunity
* Reduced Dweller health slightly
* Fixed the Corrupted Traveller's trades
* Fixed Pigotron auto-suffocating
* Changed Fake Pigmen to spawn Pigotrons on hit rather than death
* Fixed Miskel teleporting like Kajaros does
* Removed Ariel's broken ability
* Removed incorrect music from Skeletron
* Fixed Goblin not having a block spawn check
* Fixed Lotto Idol throwing errors on servers - this means that they've gone back to their generic naming scheme for now
* Fixed Lotto Idol's health rendered as 0
* Adjusted Dicer's hitbox and model positioning
* Fixed Four Guardians' shots firing too high
* Fixed Ghastus' missing healing effect
* Fixed Shadowlord's projectiles not spawning from him
* Fixed Magicke firing the wrong projectile
* Moved the Ancient Cavern realmstone drop to Angelicas from Automatons
* Fixed Urv's missing strength effect
* Fixed bosses not spawning on servers

* Fixed Mechbot Altar's broken name

* Reduced attack values for limonite tools
* Fixed ultimatum staff ignoring spec exempt entities
* Reduced ancient discharger entity impact explosion strength
* Fixed gravitator being stackable
* Fixed Lunar Bow's string suddenly turning white when pulled
* Adjusted Lunalus Realmstone's texture to be more in line with the others
* Adjusted item description on skill crystals to be more consistent with high level skills
* Adjusted text of worn book to be more consistent with the mod

* Fixed candyland sticky water message appearing in spectator
* Fixed hag shot not being rendered properly
* Fixed max HP Patching not working on some forge deployments
* Fixed tribute not resetting on death
* Increased height of mystic portal platform to reduce collissions with mushrooms
* Fixed tribute not resetting when starting Immortallis
* Reduced Foraging success rate from netherrack
* Fixed a handful of issues with boss music playback
* Fixed a bunch of syncing issues with player stats (Should actually increase performance a bit hopefully)