Advent of Ascension (Nevermine)

566,055 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 10, 2020 Game Version: Forge


Advent of Ascension


Welcome to Advent of Ascension!

 (Coming soon to 1.15.2!)

Advent of Ascension is a massive adventure and exploration mod designed with the purpose of fleshing out every area of the game as much as possible.

From the moment you drop the mod into your world, you'll find so many new things to do you won't even know where to begin!




Travel through more than 20 dimensions and explore sprawling worlds.

Travel to new dimensions to unlock further ones, and hold the keys to all of them!


 Take on over 35 bosses spread throughout the dimensions.

Take on their challenge and loot them for unique rewards.



Experience more than 500 new creatures and mobs, tackling them in their native environments for new materials and items.


Train 15 new skills, gaining various rewards and bonuses.

Level up to unlock new abilities and rewards.








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